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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be away from CL, forums, and Discord for at least a week; maybe longer. Going in for a surgical procedure that could help me walk again! Thanks to all my "true" friends on here and acquaintances for your emotional support. I'll miss you guys! Well; maybe not all of you, but most of you. :40:

  2. I'm already part of a really good guild. Though the creator of it has disappeared. Which is truly sad since I helped get most of the members into it. I just wanted to say that I am truly impressed by how far you've come with your guild in such a short time. I know a few of the VP's in your guild and they have earned their respected positions. I wish you guys all the best and hope you continue to thrive! Now Go Go Go! Win those guild wars! You can do it!!
  3. Tacco Girl


    Welcome to Celestia Luna!
  4. Greetings my beloved fellow CL family and friends. I hope I have this in the correct place. If not; please overlook and let me know where it should go. I can delete and ask there instead. I have been curious as to how Guilds can form Unions. What is the requirement? What is the difference between a Guild and a Union? Sorry if the questions seem lame! Thanks everyone, Lil 'T
  5. Those eyes are creeping me out! Stop it!!

  6. Hi there BuganBlack! Nice to meet you. NoodleDoodle has given you a lot of great advice. I'm fairly new myself. Only been playing for close to two months. I have learned lots from Noodle and Rheed is also very informative. You should seek out Jonah when he has time. There are several players here who would be more than happy to help out. I had my first shot at a DD (Date Dungeon) and totally loved it. I did die once; but it was okay. I learned a lot. I did lvl up from 26 to 52 within maybe 20 minutes. I had lots of fun. My DD partner was NoodleDoodle. I call him Chucky. Please; no questions. Just kidding. My IGNs are: TaccoGirl, TostadaChick, PretzelQueen, PopMyCorn, and DrummerGirl. Feel free to stop by my profile. Chucky and I and many others are here to help. Have a good time and thanks for joining the Celestia Luna family! Now get to playing!!
  7. That should be simple enough. Just choose a favorite super hero or villain. You could use a favorite character from an Anime or Manga. Just write it down somewhere. Usually simple is best. Hope to see you in the game sometime.
  8. I say we get one more soldier. Then we can go with Mexican Trio. What say you Evan? Sound good? Or maybe....El Derado? I don't know Spanish. Sorry. It sux! How about Nacho Libre? The Nacho Squadron?? Anybody?
  9. I think it is because the background is so dark. It is hard to make out. I agree that the Sailor Moon hero would have looked much better. Welcome to the forums. Do you ever play Celestia Luna?
  10. Hi Ms Lil. Yes please. I would very much like to help hunt down the bad person that took our Priestess Luna. Here are the places that I have been to so far. First, a good friend of mine named Pretzel Queen met up with me and we put on our fighting gear. We wanted to be protected just in case we ran into any trouble. We then next ran into the lovely Vados and discovered that a scream was heard coming from the West part of Alker Harbor. After many hours of searching Pretzel Queen had to return home. I disguised myself as a chicken and head over to the Alker Harbor shipping area. I thought maybe the culprit may have tried to board a ship there. I was not lucky to acquire any new information. I'm afraid things are looking a bit bleak right now. I am officially declaring myself as applicant number two for the soldier position. Please keep me in mind. I promise not to cause you any trouble and will work well with Noodle. Private Tacco Girl over and out. Awaiting orders.
  11. Hello Noodle. The place you come from is so beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. Evan, you look so tired from your searching of our Priestess Luna. I respect that. I'm fairly new here. I just barely got a glimpse of the sweet Priestess Luna before she was abducted. I didn't get the chance to say hi or tell her how I feel. I'm so sadden by this. I don't know what to do. Has a task force been put together yet? What can I do to help?
  12. I don't know what I can offer. I'll give it my best. Thank you for creating an interactive forum. Tacco Girl
  13. Celestia Luna Online is an incredible game! I've played a lot of games out there and I do believe this may be the best one. I am from far far away. I love to play dress up. It is so fun wearing different hair styles and colors and outrageous outfits. I enjoy being different and think others' should be the same way; enjoying themselves and not being bothered if others' don't understand. Mystery is a Slice of Life after all. And if anyone has any questions about my name; I love love love Tacos. I like to experiment with different recipes for them. I prefer to make my own versus going to a fast food place or other restaurant. I am goofy to the max. If I ever annoy someone, I would want them to be honest and tell me. I do know how to be serious as well. Just believe that games are meant to be fun and enjoyed by all. I've always been a joker; class clown if you will. That was mainly to help me get over some serious family issues as a child. I just never grew out of that coping skill. Enough is enough already. Go play Celestia Luna and enjoy yourself to the fullest! TaccoGirl Taco My Way!!
  14. I want to be followed. Please. Someone. Anyone!

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