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  1. spot claiming tidak termasuk rules lg. tpi klo ks mob. kasih warn untuk tidak ks mob dan jgn lupa ss. dan untuk ke 2 kali nya orang tersebut ks mob. bisa di report ke forum bagian report. dan sertain juga ss ks mob bagian ke 1(warning) dan ss ks mob ke 2
  2. crit rate. increase your hit crit crit damage. increase damage when it crit
  3. maybe it right. rogue hope at eva. but. only bt.tm and arc will survive when go pvp. it really hard for entra. especially fight with fighter who have rune impact. (RE) part. but if can at least increase crit damage for entra because entra ini pvp only hope at stunlock if 1vs 1
  4. for lower geared maybe needed. but in pvp. mostly fighter have high strike at pvp. and mage skill. will be pierce eva. only hope eva at pvp. it useless. high eva. and low hp. and mostly rogue have low hp. woll be 1 hit at pvp. sadly. i already try it :(
  5. it already final? maybe. entraper no need many eva again. but. mostly. if newbie want play entra for grind money. they go all str or mix it with dex. because they were think. for what big eva. but aoe damage/damage output low. wasting time for farm. mostly. farmer at nh who use entra. always 1 hit aoe mob. i think if it will be cahnge not only eva. but crit damage or p.a % maybe will be uselfull. i dont think entra only needed for grind money. if they are boring farm then what will they do? going pvp?really? entra only increase eva stats want pvp? they will be meat at pvp.
  6. i think crit rate bonus at archer part not help so much. cause at archer part already have crit buff. maybe if it change to crit damage. it will imba
  7. <DOGTOOTH> .whyban cacadmede100 <shoutbot> User cacadmede100 banned for reason 'Hacking accounts [Orange]' <DOGTOOTH> .whyban apaajalaah <shoutbot> User apaajalaah banned for reason 'hacked [Orange]
  8. if u only want fast lvling. why not solo dd instead pk lvling. solo dd is fastest way. and llegal. maybe. cmiiw and i am not admin. i just help mod and admin here. if someone need help about question or other
  9. ur are bad in liying dude. so sad. u are banned for pk lvling not scam site <dogtooth> .whyban gon577 <shoutbot> User gon577 banned for reason 'PK level [Orange]'
  10. itu kesalahan ente gan. sebelum beli cek dlu harga nya.di NC bilang 10m/slot belum tentu 10m/slot. ada yang jujur harga ada juga yg mau ngambil keuntungan berharap pembeli nya lengah. di vending bilang 10m/slot tpi sebenar nya 10m/satu. ga ada hukuman pasti untuk orang seperti di atas. hanya saran agar lebih berhati2 lagi. untung baru 100m gan. ada yg ngomel2 di shout gara2 ketipu HCO. padahal itu cuma HQ ori. bnyak pedagang nakal.
  11. BlackPaPer

    bow tie

    did bow tie exist in CL?
  12. please read my massage orange i need your answer :)

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