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  1. Or some sort of mechanism in my stats that I can increase to decrease someones block rate as well.(ex. maybe more dex = lower chance of someone blocking my atk)
  2. Or at least please decrease the block rate or how much they can block
  3. I'm not rookie man i'm pretty well geared.
  4. Purpose of a tank is to tank right and take dmg, block etc etc. Since when did they become a class for dmg output? Mage vs tank, winner= tank(unless mage uses holly barrier and even so tank can sleep you and wait till its over. Mage cannot cast fast than a tank can spam rune impact how would they win? Rogue vs tank= Tank (unless rogue stealths). Now this is just in 1v1s, if we move on to guild war if a rogue doesn't one hit a tank its dead, and that goes for any class tbh. Now apparently according to you I dont know how to play the game with strategy, so I guess I should take your advice and make a guild where everyone has to be a battle tank to join. Then (MAYBE) you'll see how broken it is, then the entire server will realize that certain tanks are superior over everything unless its like a 3v1, and even then the tank might still come out on top. But hey maybe after i do that everyone will just play tank and no other class and things will be balance, because were all the same... #Diversity
  5. Can we please nerf tank no way you should that high of a block rate with that high of hp AND MORE DMG THAN ME! Damage based classes cant even kill it and when it comes to guild wars and there 3 tanks on one team agains a bunch of pure dmg players. Odds are against you.
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