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  1. Thank you rinchannau. I now have the correct game installed. The characters are just to cute! My main character is Kristi20. She is a human fighter. Hope to maybe see you in game one day.
  2. Hello to all those who have come here before me. I will need assistance in learning my way around the game. First and most importantly, could someone direct me to the correct Luna client? I want to make sure I install the real one. After that it would be of great pleasure to meet up in game and have someone give me the guided tour. I would like to create a character who can duel wield. Does Luna offer this? If so, which race and class do i need to make that happen? Thank you for your time and please stop by my profile and add some comments. It is looking rather bleak at the moment. Keep your head on a swivel and always have your partners' back.
  3. Greetings from afar! I hope to have lots of fun while I am here. Please teach me all that you can. I'm a fast learner and absorb information like a sponge.

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