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  1. for the price standard, today BWL price range from 27-30B yep it changed exponentially hahaha
  2. for elf infantryman path you will have more def from job passives, and from passive infantryman skill, but lower attack the infantryman deff skill like troopership, more enhanced hp, more blessing guard etc will help you for better def, plus you have attract circle for farm the benefit from job passives you will get 3%p.Def and 5%p.Attack but the active skill to reach lv 75(RK) is suck (if you use 2H from begining) because infantryman specialize in 1h weapon so you can leveling to 75 only using Warrior skills (no burning crash, earthquake, Sonic Boom) and for elf swordman path you will have MORE attack from job passives, and better skills for leveling to 75 (RK) the benefit from job passives you will get 2%p.Def and 10%p.Attack and you have Sonic Boom, Burning Crash, Earthquake to reach lv 75(RK) from my preferences i suggest you to build from swordman, (better P.Attack) because at the end (SM), you wont need your deff tho because SM is Specialized for Offensive
  3. from the rule at web: You will not join CLO with the intent to grief, advertise or disturb any member of the community, be it a staff member or another player. Advertising of any kind will result in a permanent ban of all your accounts. Constant kill stealing and PK hunting of a player is considered griefing and harassment. and if you consider that a constant ks and pk hunting of a player, you can report it by save a screenshot and post in character report session by uploading a valid Screenshot maybe after you screenshot, you can get help from another high level to kill that PK, use your megaphone to call someone, and hope they will come to aid you haha and after that dont forget to post the screenshot. we should do this because noobs have rights same as the pros. dont let the pros dominate this game by constantly harassing the noobs
  4. you can consider making SM elf tho warrior > Swordman > Rune Knight > SM because the rune impact is my favorite and very reliable skill, both used on PvE or PvP
  5. 1, 2, 3 karat diamond can be used for crafting, the more karat the diamond has, the less diamond you need to make armor example: you need 3 pieces of 1 karat diamond to create the armor pouch/box (gives random armor equipment depends on what type of armor you need) but you only need 2 pices of 2 karat diamond to create the armor pouch/box (gives random armor equipment depends on what type of armor you need) otherwise the cracked diamond is used for crafting 105 armor
  6. but if you look at rogue eva, eva can't even taking damage from monster at all, its very unfair in the game, when rogue with good eva can mobs up to 50 monster without getting hit but fighter/mage with high P.Deff cant even mobs 20 monster The conclusion is to be a tank in this game, eva isi needed, not P.Deff and its renders all P.Deff job with lesser damage useless. please consider to fix the mechanics of P.Deff. so all jobs can farming with their own way, or maybe admin only wants Entrap job to be specialized for farming
  7. ok i think that is the right solution to be implemented for balancing between jobs. because its very unfair when you have high eva, you can mob 100 monster without getting hit, but when you have high P.Deff you cant even mob 20 monster. i hope the system/mechanics fixed as soon as possible or turn back the old one (P.Deff more than P.Attack always becomes 1 damage)
  8. so the stat needed for tank is changed from P.Deff into evasion.. well.. then all Rogue job player are OP because it has good damage output/critical and good tank stat (eva) with same price/value per equipment spent
  9. This mechanics renders shield barrier skills useless because of minimum damage, i agree with you and this affects P.Deff completely Useless too, if your character doesn't have high blockrate, the damage from monster will be the same between 8500 P.Deff player and 22000 P.Deff player on the same level if P.Deff Useless, then Tank Mage are not good as before because tank mage doesnt have block and have maybe lower P.Deff/HP than Tank Fighter. the effect is people are not willing to build mage anymore, and newer/older comeback player will create "that farming job" again and again but for the tank half of the map its the way "Tank Job" farm so the farming method may vary in this game, people with tank jobs will do "tank" and party because of its low damage output. not only the throwbombers dominating the map every channel. maybe better to add the percentage of the blocking for every skills, items, etc and add that skills for mage jobs or remove the minimum damage system, thanks
  10. i played this game from 2013 and starting over this 2020. i think there is so much changes in the game what i know from past luna or other RPG/MMORPG games, the Tank role is supposed to "tank" the enemy/monster and other party member supposed to hit the mobs with decent damage while the Tank lack of it. but today P.Deff 22k isnt even could mob 20 maggot in garden, because of the latest mechanic how P.Deff works and add Block Percentage. its so sad i think the games changes so much, but maybe its for balancing between other job in other use like PvP/PvE people (105-150) leveling with boost, not leveling together partying. I know its the right for others to spend their money into whatever they want, but what makes it fun? and people only care for themselves claiming monster spot all-alone im not blaming the farmer job, but why we only can farm with "the only farming job" (if you know what i mean), why not make other jobs capable to farm Its peoples right to be individualistic or not, but i think its more fun when we can play together, partying etc sorry for the messy thread and english language, its my first thread here Thanks
  11. salmanfla

    Lupa ID

    Misi saya udah maen celestialuna 3 tahun lalu tapi lupa ID password sama email nya dan kayanya inget Nickname (character) job dll nya kira kira bisa di recovery ga ya dengan cara apapun ? kalo pake Hexchat bisa ga ya ? terimakasih
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