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  1. so the job passive now have an impact, i want to ask about necro path, rather than choose bishop and get all first lv job passive when i be necro, is it better for me to take warlock and get GM path passive (M.a 3%) or SA path passive (10hp% , M.a 1%) ? TL;DR : Job Passive ON --> does necro better with more M.a or support it with more HP?
  2. see this post for entrap guide : and this post for guide to make money : you can have eva 300+ if you have at least 2 stack eva on each and every equip you have, but don't bother, try to have just 1 stack eva (7-8 eva) on your equip. Equip : neck,helmet,armor,glove,boots, 2earing, 2ring and weapon = 10item x 7eva =70eva Passive : Light Evasion = 20eva , Shadow Instinct = 17.5eva Total Equip + Passive = 107.5eva as for my experince, i'm using human entrap that have advantage in more physical attack, so my stat full DEX and item full eva Remember Entrap Is Expensive Class To Build and usually for farming purpose some tip to get faster money with entrap, level up your entrap to lv 110, get all passive and buff then focus on max hunter blast after that deleveled to lv 100 and be paybooster, when you boost don't forget to sell drop weapon and keep crafting material in bank(Cobalt Ore,Timeworn Cloth and Stonehide Scrap) you can craft it and sell it in NC
  3. for lv 105 above,(outside of war, like DD or lvlng) what weapon should i use? keep using mace or wand? for now i still use athena, cus i don't know what higher mace that support Magical attack
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