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  1. chronos


    shouldn't repeat the mistakes in the past!!
  2. chronos


    i guess... if possible, miss orange would give us everything we ask for... if really possible... so that we won't have a hard time here. but i think this is a test... a trial...
  3. chronos


    we shouldn't make fun or jokes of the virtues someone has taught us!
  4. i lost my friends before...

    i hope, the new friends i'll meet here


  5. i didn't noticed it, but i'm so talkative and meddlesome!!
  6. hello everyone! as i've mentioned in my profile... "healer here". most of my in-game activities will revolve on that... healing, recovering, protecting, aiding allies. recuperative and support magic... ain't it good..? or maybe... it's just me thinking that way... but anyways... i'll pursue this!
  7. maybe, you should look for other person. i'm not the right person for that
  8. hello everyone...

    healer here...

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