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  1. ohh, i see thank you for the explanation
  2. can we give a free reset skill to sniper and panzer too?, as crusader with its free reset skill. as we know, there is no gun or gun skill for leveling up to 105,so after reaching panzer or snipper we have much useless skill that cost much sp note:sorry for my bad english, i hope my suggestion will be accepted.
  3. ahh oke,4 days later i can join discor again right?
  4. May i know why i got kicked out and banned from the discord channel? can i rejoin the discord channel for the second time? this is my discord account Ronal#1148
  5. for now, is it worth to be played? ahh, i wish they are fixed immadiately
  6. i hope there is new destructing system too
  7. Hi sir, may you fix panzer? and i am waiting about the next update information of oasis of prasus, sorry for bad english.
  8. Need Guide and Guild kakak IGN : XXVI Kalo ada kakak kakak yang pensi pengen ngasih warisan saya siap menerima juga kak
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