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  1. i saw someone in alker farm naked and wearing dual fishing rod
  2. for starter yes, if you interest more you can go to read manga..boobs for life manga
  3. 105 job can dual wield, if we use dual wield (wearing 2 fishing rod), will we get double chance to get fish (double effect)?
  4. will our chance to get fish (gold carp/terrapin/shinning garbage) increase if we enchant/reinforce our fishing rod?
  5. i selled it 30m/slot
  6. arc ranger can 1 hit mobs in NH mostly but must know that entrapper give buff for drop rate and that will help big with farming activity
  7. warning take dual wield lv1 will effect current stat, so make sure to take dual wield when you reach 117 if you take it when 105 you will get crit and evade loss
  8. human entrapper are best for those lazy with buffs and elf entrapper are for patient player, elf entrapper provide great buff for crits you will notice it that elf crit can hit 1500 so easy rather than human entrapper (for newbies), if you already get decent equip you can just use entrapper human
  9. i make my TM for buff only purpose like RM buffs, i take all buffs like crit and crit damage and speed (i make it TH for stealth) so i can use it in NH for farm
  10. can we know what strike needed to hit in sahel map?
  11. nice guide..me myself i usually get odd/magic powder for DD 61-80 and delevel, for magic powder we can get it by destruct acc in alker we can get it by 9 magic power but i feel dummy doing so..
  12. most not newbies pretend to be newbies for free boost
  13. so is that mean will be meaningless if i have more than 1500 crit??
  14. entrapper full vit how much hp ur current now?
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