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  1. Hi, it's been a while since I played the game. I was wondering how much this hb set and fds worth today HB Neck : 18.8patk[p] 630hp[r](? I forgot the standard or it doesn't exist w/o rein) HB Glove: 23.4str 148.6hp[p] 35str[r] FDS: 11.9patk[p] HB set are +7 sadly
  2. Karliah

    2h uses 1h skills

    Is every 1h skills able to be used when using 2h or just some of it? I'm curious if cross slash works on 2h
  3. PM Gravewalker or leave a msg at discord, Karliah#8892 or leave a message here Also Buying Blacksmith Scrolls & Bad / Clean Vset
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