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  1. About the bad things: 1- Of course it would be a pay to win, but it’s nothing compared to the edited items with +200 of any stats. The only reason I’d like this to be on the Gem store, is to open up a new market which will get more money to the game to help with future updates, server maintenance, etc 2 and 3- Maybe there’s a way to balance it to prevent a decrease on the prizes in the market, per example, making the “new philo” expensive or hard to get, or make it one use only. I do agree with you, but it’s just an idea, and I believe it can work out if the final product is well done and balanced in the market.
  2. Alker Harbor has been always the map where most people meet, it's definitely one of the most visited maps in the game, so, since the population of Celestia Luna has been decreassing over the years, I hardly see Alker Harbor as a crowed map anymore. My idea was to decrease the channels in Alker Harbor, or leave only one channel if it's possible, just like Nera Castle. However I don't know if this will make Alker harbor much more laggy or not, so I reccomend testing this feature and analyzing things such as how many players visit alker per day, or which time of the day it has the highest amount of people first, with that information the Game Master should know if it's possible or not. Conclusion: This feature should make it looks like the game isn't as empty as it looks sometimes, so I believe it's a really good idea. However It needs to be tested out first... and accepted of course~
  3. Over the years the philosopher's stones has been a very popular way to get any kind of stats and try your luck. However, nobody is as lucky or has enough money to afford them, nor they have the patience to use around 1 thousand philosopher's stones to get the dream stats, so I had this idea: Build an item that increases luck with philos tremendously for a short time. What do i mean with "Luck"? get 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines of the same stats. This effect could last around a minute or less. This new item could be avaliable in the gem store, opening up a new extended market where the players of Celestia Luna can buy happily for some guaranteed good luck. If this haven't caught your attention, there's another way this can work, per example: Make a new philosopher stone, avaliable in the gem store, that guarantees 3, 4 or 5 lines of any stats. Any of both ideas are really good, we all have been through the pain of using 2 thousand stones and not getting anything from it. Also, the "Granting" key should have a designed key, such as Enter or Spacebar, this should make the process less boring and faster since you don't have to move the mouse to click on granting and move it again just to check which stat you just got. Conclussion: I don't expect this "Item" to come out, but it's an idea i have in mind, also, this idea should help the game to gather some extra money, for future updates and stuff like that. What I really expect is an asigned key for the "Granting" button. Thanks for reading.
  4. It’s a rare bug, it always can happen, it’ll get fixed in the future for sure, but you should leave dd as soon as that happens, to not waste time.
  5. Juan Mart

    Now Playing???

    The artic monkeys - Do I wanna know?
  6. Juan Mart

    to pro player

    If this happens you can always change channels, some people might not understand and some others doesn’t even care, so instead of getting mad about it just change channel, after all, it’s the same place :)
  7. Deberías hablar esto con Orange, seguro que podrán llegar a un acuerdo.
  8. A lot of old users are coming back, that’s a great notice, welcome back!
  9. How much for the pixus?
  10. Hi! My name’s Juan. It’s the first time i’m doing a post in the forums since I started the game, I never really payed attention to it but i wanted to start by going back into the past and see how much the game has changed since i started playing it when the server opened. When the 115 armor and weapons were invisible and you could lose your items in your vault or your inventory and finding them hours later or even days after you lose it. When max dd was 81-100 and you’d need a month of DD’s to get from 145 to 146. When Pukerian scrolls were used as a trading coin, or when the max level in ranking was a dude level 110. When you could edit your equipment with almost anything you want (Such as movement speed, HP recovery or even Critical damage). When VIP Pirate gloves (Also almost every costume or item in the game) were free or 10m each, this marked the death of pukerian scrolls as coin, dropping it’s prize tremendously. When Panzer and Sniper class had invisible skills When everyone would play every class in the game and not just Paladin/Magnus or Sword master as it is now When Magnus axe two handed was one of the best classes I could keep going and going, but truth is the game has changed a lot for good and it will keep changing over the years. Enemies or friends, everyone has my gratitude for playing Celestia luna and making it awesome.
  11. Juan Mart

    axe and sword

    Two handed magnus isn't reliable anymore since they don’t have Sonic boom.
  12. Panzer works pretty well except for some little details, you shouldn’t have any problem using it. It won't be the same as any other class though.
  13. Most of the skills that are 1 handed work on dual (Unless they need a shield to be activated) Two handed skills doesn’t work with 1 handed, just like 1 handed skills doesn’t work with two handed.
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