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    thank you for the advice sir!
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    Thank you for the answer :)
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    Hi guys, newbie here, im already level 77 phalanx and im aiming for crusader as my final job. and im really new in the game and specially on items and drops on where can i farm sets/weapons/shields/accessories/belts/etc. And i read some in the forums that most rare 1 hand mace can only be get in lucky 77 box, can i craft 1 hand mace for my next weapon of choice or can i hunt them? where can i farm them? can i craft them? thanks for answering my questions in advance :)
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    hello sir, im familiar with this game but im still a newbie totally, im figuring out how to craft items such as weapons, then i stumbled upon this material called wiesel that is required to craft this item, i searched for it and the mobs where i can get them are too low for my level which is 62 already. How can i farm such items?
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