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  1. If I'm not wrong, the skills were reseted like 5-6 years ago and there's not a change in the skill tree. I think the reset was just to fix the possibility of hacking the skills of the game, but I'm not sure about this. That message appears when you equip an armor that isn't for your class. I mean: Mage can equip: Robe Rogue can equip: Light armor, Robe Fighter can equip: All armors Mage can equip: Light armor (only if you have the passive light armor expertise learned and you have equipped 3 light armor parts) If you don't follow that scheme then you will have that message in your items. Here an example: (Rogue using heavy armor) Maybe you're mage and you lost the light armor passive with the reset and then you have that problem. You only can't equip items with level limit higher than your current level,
  2. If I'm not wrong, the description of "Rage Burst" used to say "(only for swords)" when it always worked with all weapons. Nowadays It doesn't say something about weapon requeriments(it's fixed) and works with all weapons (as Orange showed). The only good thing about Sonic boom is that is one of the fastest sword skills and it's also long range. But even using any of the other skills that axes could also use, the swords users will have the advantage of the attack speed. A good alternative to replace this loss is the skill Earth Wave, which is also a range ability and gives even more damage than Sonic Boom. But you can't replace the attack speed factor. I think Axe Destro still could be good, it just depends on the player.
  3. Yes, if you use the Sword Passives you will cast the skills faster than Axe. Axe can be better in crit rate and damage than Sword.
  4. The advantages have always been Critical Damage and Critical Rate passives. The only 'disadvantage' I can think is for pvp vs swords users that have more attack speed and their chars also makes a great damage.
  5. Adding to the comment above... No shield skill can be used with dual weapons, that bug has been fixed. So you can't use Shield Bomb with dual weapon. But you can use the skills of the basis weapon you have equipped, now it works properly. ^~^
  6. Do you have some anti-malware software ? It could be annoying, or the firewall maybe. I ever had problems with the launcher due them.
  7. If I'm not misunderstanding you and your items, to start I'd suggest you change your bow for the new Emerald Glider for lvl 127. And maybe the crafted armor 135 with (+50 craft bonus) would be better. For replace the phixus the Wind stalker's Hide with that critical rate could work. That's my little try for help u.
  8. I just tested the passive and it works... but only with two swords, not for dagger. :/ (and also with two maces and axes If I'm not wrong). So I guess it's bug for BTs in this moment.
  9. Welcome!! '0' If someday I see you in game, I'll give you a gift.
  10. I tried that just now and it hasn't changed something '^'
  11. If I'm not remembering it badly, you can use it with two hand and even with only the single weapon. The only request it's the sword.
  12. Maybe could be possible that it hasn't been fixed yet, I had the same problem with my panzer and with my sniper char. Basically it doesn't give anything with any weapon. '^'
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