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  1. FIGHTER: - Rune Cry (Rune Knight, Magnus) - Battle Shout (Warrior, Mercenary, Gladiator, Destro) - Battle Cry (Mercenary, Gladiator, Destro) - Heal (Infantry, Phalanx) ROGUE: - Illusion Attack (Rune Walker, TM) - Slack (Rune Walker, TM) - Foil (Rune Walker, TM) - Nature Aid (Scout, Rune walker, TM) - Poison Aid (Scout, Rune Walker, TM) - Hunter Blast (Treasure hunter, Entrapper) - Hunter Smooke (Treasure hunter, Entrapper) - Fire & Ice Trap (Entrapper) I know they dont work MAGE: - All except for: Mana Burn, Soul Spear
  2. It's really a very interesting question. I'm not quite sure if this is the case but it's like the BWL were giving you 10% of your current total damage. On the other hand, the others seem to leave some effect aside before calculating.
  3. I think the only problem with this is that Majin's hairs include their horns . It's a pretty good idea still :0
  4. I think it's a nice suggestion, they could also have their versions recoloured like the other hairs. ^ _ ^
  5. SilverDeer

    TM new skill

    Those are old like time itself! My opinion about them: Deadly Strike: has good damage, I think it's useful. Deadly Soul: doesn't have good damage and its effect doesn't work correctly, currently it's not worth learning. Wind Barrier: This is my favorite TM skill. It works like silence rune but this disables physical attacks instead of magical. Its main disadvantage is that its casting time is slow and you need magical cast speed to improve this.
  6. The idea of launching a server with low rates and without any kind of PD has also been mentioned on some occasions, maybe some still remember it. But THERE IS NO actually a date or any info that this will happen. The other idea is the anti-edits system for pvp maps but it's far from needing to launch a new server. This idea is more recent than the one I mentioned earlier.
  7. I think the skill doesn't even have another effect assigned besides of decreasing all stats. Maybe it just needs movement speed decreasing, considering that you lose Eva-Accu-Crit rate when losing dex and str. (My opinion) Fortunately this is not because of that combo. It only happens when the game tries to render something beyond 0, divide/multiply by 0. I used Curse Weakness on a naked char and that happened without using Angelic Touch. If your character didn't become immune to magic damage after obtaining that long number, then there's nothing to be alarmed about. I will add this problem to my bug list too OuO
  8. I'm sure he says it because the skill doesn't attack if the opponent is running fast. Same thing happens with many AoE Skills from Archers.
  9. I also noticed that(I didn't write it in the main post). Using both skills: Corpse Explosion is cancelled and you regenerate hp by Corpse Take, or Corpse Take is cancelled and Corpse Explosion works. Sometimes even the dead monster (which the game takes as the attacker) regenerates hp by killing nearby monsters under the effects of Corpse Explosion. This is very crazy XD And yes, indeed the Burning effect has a success rate. The effect seems to work fine, the main problem is written in the main post.
  10. I read your post about Necro skills after editing my post, I never noticed your message before! But thank you for reporting it anyway. :)

  11. UPGRADED! - After testing Corpse Take and Explosion again, I have a new conclusion. Description is there. - I also added some Paladin skills to the list. - I added a little description about trap skills problem. Sorry if my english might be bad there.
  12. Btw. If I can make a suggestion for this guide. I wouldn't consider Double Shot as an option since you get Magic Arrow, its first level is stronger than the full 25 levels for Double Shot. Double shot is great for the earlier stages of archers and Magic Arrow is like its advanced version.
  13. Rune Walker path is still very good. Its potential is also in the skills: Cast Foil and Illusion Attack, but of course people disagree on the use of these skills. Humans of course always take the lead in terms of damage and this path is the one that gives the best results. I love rogues and this is a great guide! :D
  14. I think the default game has that feature included. I don't know if that was changed here. But you reminded me of this old patch note: (I'm confused about what happened XD) Go to Main Post
  15. Critical rate above 100% is possible and for some unknown reason, you may still make normal attacks. Maybe the game doesn't display the correct amount you have, idk. But having it around 110% should be a sufficient amount. And no, the critical rate doesn't influence your critical damage. Critical damage is just a multiplier that you can increase through buffs.
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