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  1. why not make them with different hair colors? :O
  2. Some witch staves and bloody axes wouldn't be bad 8)
  3. Debes hablar con Orange por vía Discord
  4. SilverDeer

    BT Equip

    It depends on what the purpose of your bt is. If you want to farm, you will need eva on your equip and reach around 400. For pvp you can also use eva or choose to do full damage(str) and accuracy. I'm not going to go into much detail about ultra-expensive items. I can just tell you can do wonders using 2 venoms needle daggers, a 135 armor set (good craft), Mousey Cap, Hathor & Sekmeth rings, Wind Stalker wings and a frostbite neck . Of Course, you'll also have to be lucky with the philosopher's stones. Then later you can get more expensive items like a Fierce Dragon Slayer belt and maybe even a Chivalry necklace. There are other items in the premium store which are quite useful but I prefer not to suggest 100% based on them.
  5. SilverDeer

    Sniper Guide

    Oh! The stats, I almost forget it! From my own experience, I recommend that you increase STR. If you need accuracy you can get it by Thunder Crystal and Philoing items. You can make some exceptions and use dexterity in some parts of your equipment(Helmet, Boots) to also get critical rate and put critical rate to your musket(using litheons). As a panzer you'll have the heavy armor passive, so you can get defense that way.
  6. SilverDeer

    Sniper Guide

    You're welcome! If you have any particular questions, you can ask me and I will answer later. Sorry if I wasn't very specific in some details, I'm in a hurry and I have to go! haha >.<
  7. The problem with gold is that it has no other useful function besides buying philos and some crafting. There should be other options in the game where you can spend the gold and that should also depend exclusively on the player's effort, the philos are an example of this because it largely depends on dedication or being very lucky. Since the idea is to expand the game maps, one of my suggestions is to add new rare sets for farming / drop. Something like the older sets (Gardener, Faust, Holy) that they are also a challenge for crafting, but currently not worth it. I've been playing on this server for a long time, I 've always been someone who liked to craft items (even useless) and spend on philos. If this taught me anything, it's that the player's effort shouldn't lose value. Creating new items that force you to try more than once is a great alternative. People will always look for the perfect crafting, the perfect philo, the perfect reinforce since this server isn't quest based either. My second suggestion is to add alternatives that don't depend on donations. Many donation items are currently in circulation and mostly solve many difficulties of the game, this makes the donation currency much more valuable than the game currency itself. The old "gold point" system kept a balance on this but for logical reasons had to leave and the decision was more than correct. We have the event items and daily rewards, but there should be something else that can at least be compared to the donation store or give similar stats/benefits. I really like this server, and I admire that it has been online for many years. I hope my suggestions can help to solve this problem. ^ _ ^
  8. SilverDeer

    Sniper Guide

    I have some paths to follow. For humans: Warrior > Mercenary > Gladiator > Panzer For Elvens: Warrior > Swordman > Rune Knight > Panzer You can check job passives to see the advantage you get by following those paths I don't recommend being Knight because Panzers have all Knight buffs on higher level. About the skills I don't have much to say more than use all musket skills. If you're an elf I recommend you to learn Rune Impact, it's a very useful stun whatever the job you are.
  9. SilverDeer

    Sniper Guide

    I don't know if there is any guide for snipers. Personally, I think Snipers need a little upgrade. Currently being an archer is more convenient for rogues. If your idea is to use Musket, I think Panzer is better and can deal more damage.
  10. FIGHTER: - Rune Cry (Rune Knight, Magnus) - Battle Shout (Warrior, Mercenary, Gladiator, Destro) - Battle Cry (Mercenary, Gladiator, Destro) - Heal (Infantry, Phalanx) ROGUE: - Illusion Attack (Rune Walker, TM) - Slack (Rune Walker, TM) - Foil (Rune Walker, TM) - Nature Aid (Scout, Rune walker, TM) - Poison Aid (Scout, Rune Walker, TM) - Hunter Blast (Treasure hunter, Entrapper) - Hunter Smooke (Treasure hunter, Entrapper) - Fire & Ice Trap (Entrapper) I know they dont work MAGE: - All except for: Mana Burn, Soul Spear
  11. It's really a very interesting question. I'm not quite sure if this is the case but it's like the BWL were giving you 10% of your current total damage. On the other hand, the others seem to leave some effect aside before calculating.
  12. I think the only problem with this is that Majin's hairs include their horns . It's a pretty good idea still :0
  13. I think it's a nice suggestion, they could also have their versions recoloured like the other hairs. ^ _ ^
  14. SilverDeer

    TM new skill

    Those are old like time itself! My opinion about them: Deadly Strike: has good damage, I think it's useful. Deadly Soul: doesn't have good damage and its effect doesn't work correctly, currently it's not worth learning. Wind Barrier: This is my favorite TM skill. It works like silence rune but this disables physical attacks instead of magical. Its main disadvantage is that its casting time is slow and you need magical cast speed to improve this.
  15. The idea of launching a server with low rates and without any kind of PD has also been mentioned on some occasions, maybe some still remember it. But THERE IS NO actually a date or any info that this will happen. The other idea is the anti-edits system for pvp maps but it's far from needing to launch a new server. This idea is more recent than the one I mentioned earlier.
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