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  1. Nice guide. I used to do this when I was newbie. Crafted sets are really useful and cheaper, some spends all their money in rough diamonds.
  2. SilverDeer

    Gem Store

    Tarintus Belt https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/view/592/ Jasmine Trinket https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/view/538/ Also gems are useful to buy blessed pukerians, they're needed to upgade items to +12.
  3. Unless you're looking to have a lot of defense, many people use sets level 115. (Except for the robe, the faust set gives a good magic attack bonus) . The useful thing about crafting 115 items is getting good stats on your set (max bonus is +30), a lot of people do it for that reason. There are armor and items for level 120 - 130 but they're not worth it because its max bonus is also +30. Unlike items 100-115, the 120-135 are more difficult to craft / it's more expensive and it have the same bonus that sets level 115. Therefore people choose to build 135 things since the max bonus for level 135+ is 50. Some are still good. In other cases there are better alternatives than the classic ones. Something that changed a lot of paths was the Scout job available for humans
  4. it should be possible, keep trying
  5. If I remember the quest correctly, you have to complete 1 date dungeon first (or kill any date dungeon boss and get the quest item) then Piellanshar will give you an item called Evil's Heart Stone Cold. The other item you need is Bright Crystal of Time x1, you receive it just playing (or being afk) some hours. You can also craft other crystals until get it. (Crystal of Time, Crystal of Protection)
  6. It's preferable to use AR and kill from a distance
  7. Well, most of the new maps added in Luna Plus were nothing more than an ornament because they never included anything, I mean new items or drops for those levels, repeatable quest, etc. Luna Plus was only limited to the new dungeon system which is very monotonous and boring, it loses all sense of adventure in the game. Also the class balance is awful making many jobs useless. The classic version is not perfect either but mostly it needs some small gameplay details that were added in later versions. In the case of this server they have known how to take advantage of the new content (graphics) of the later versions and make more interesting content. Maybe the updates aren't frequent as we wish but at least they're worth
  8. It's your choice, the important thing is that you get the right evasion to resist their attacks. Unless you want to kill 1 by 1
  9. Maybe my old answer can help The path I'm talking is Ruffian > Scout > TH > AR (Human)
  10. Have you reached the limit of missions you can accept? If that's not the problem then it's the npc dialog. This quest should appear after completing one called [Special][Quest] War Trophies (from Levert) . PS: I found the quest on the report thread but it was only for bad descriptions
  11. That would be great and not just for bachelor hats. I'm sure costume hats without a "fixed" wig would be quite revolutionary. And instead of making new colors and models for each one, it would be just one model. 8) I think the only problem with this is when your character has those hairstyles with "strange details", the hair could "go through" the hat. But there are some costume heads that could work as head accessories.


    1.) Make Options that can Turn On/Off the EXP Rate and Drop Rate,

    I don't want to spam the thread, but if you really want to do that effort ... you can make party and use a 120+ character to disable the exp of the low level one. But trust me ... I'm sure there are few quest that could have a problem. 

    1. Antoni77


      ouwh thank you for your advice
      hmm for now, at least I've found 2 quest that is seems bug... xD

  13. Excuse me for using this thread to ask, but are there any plans for the quests in the future? :O
  14. Well I'm talking about 8-9 years ago when I used to tank with my pet, I'm not sure if it has changed or was just living an illusion. I'm sure I saw the pet took less damage when it was at 20% -50% hahaha . I think I should test this again.><
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