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  1. 1 Sword + Shield . Rune Impact, Shield Punch and some magnus swords skills are all you need
  2. Oh.. Dupe items.. that killed the server I used to play before. Final jobs.. we were waiting for that for years, I hope we can see it this year
  3. Hahahaha >:) Yes, I remember you were older than your nickname. I mean, I think you were using another forum account before this one. So we just answered one of the questions that people have had for years, it seems that Orange isn't because of the fruit or the color, but because of the GM hair (? It would be great, but you just gave me a good idea ... interview users.. :o (and you ,if you want)
  4. I can't believe I have played CL for over 10 years. Should I feel oldie? I'm just sharing my experience here. I started playing here in April 2011, my brother told me about this server. This started as pass times. After my favourite server closed (2011 June), I moved here. I never liked Luna Plus. I remember my old friends I met here, a lot of times they were saying "People say this gonna close soon" and that never happen. As a player I always played for fun. I never took the game seriously, not even in the age of cheap trades. And I still do that ^__^ Some unnecessary facts from my story here: - I dropped my first AK by killing a PK player in The Way, this AK was reinforced with +18 DEX (of course, I erased it instanly) - I chose Sniper for my first 105 character, the icons used to be transparent. My second char was Entrapper - I still keep the old gifts a lovely friend gave me in 2012. The most precious one is a Rudolph Set - I always played with tricky skills, rather than pure damage. My friends used to call me for wars for this reason. - I had a lot of reporting threats for "using stealth" from weird people - I don't delete old characters even when there are better job paths for them - I'm old enough to know the nick @Orange is inspired by the annoying orange :o (? - I got muskets with no stats - I refused to wear costumes just because I loved the design of my armor, I even fought in wars in this condition (before Hidding costume option) - I hated the Candy Garden marathon when the map was opened, it was too hard for the characters we were leveling XD - I used to get a lot of good philos for my friends, but not for me - Well, I just wanted to say a few words. Thanks to Orange and Brandon for working hard for this server, it progressed a lot. ♥
  5. Magnus has Sword Training lvl 20 vs Axe Training lvl 15(From Knight) Axe Training lvl 15: 12% P.A Sword Training lvl 20: 15% P.A But Axe Mortality lvl 20 adds +10% Critical Damage. The final damage is boosted. Maybe if your purpose is PvE, an Axe Magnus would be worth it. You only lose Spirit Sword but it's often used on PvP and some single target skills.
  6. Try it on the web page, if you can't, use the password recovery option
  7. Nice guide. I used to do this when I was newbie. Crafted sets are really useful and cheaper, some spends all their money in rough diamonds.
  8. SilverDeer

    Gem Store

    Tarintus Belt https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/view/592/ Jasmine Trinket https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/view/538/ Also gems are useful to buy blessed pukerians, they're needed to upgade items to +12.
  9. Unless you're looking to have a lot of defense, many people use sets level 115. (Except for the robe, the faust set gives a good magic attack bonus) . The useful thing about crafting 115 items is getting good stats on your set (max bonus is +30), a lot of people do it for that reason. There are armor and items for level 120 - 130 but they're not worth it because its max bonus is also +30. Unlike items 100-115, the 120-135 are more difficult to craft / it's more expensive and it have the same bonus that sets level 115. Therefore people choose to build 135 things since the max bonus for level 135+ is 50. Some are still good. In other cases there are better alternatives than the classic ones. Something that changed a lot of paths was the Scout job available for humans
  10. it should be possible, keep trying
  11. If I remember the quest correctly, you have to complete 1 date dungeon first (or kill any date dungeon boss and get the quest item) then Piellanshar will give you an item called Evil's Heart Stone Cold. The other item you need is Bright Crystal of Time x1, you receive it just playing (or being afk) some hours. You can also craft other crystals until get it. (Crystal of Time, Crystal of Protection)
  12. It's preferable to use AR and kill from a distance
  13. Well, most of the new maps added in Luna Plus were nothing more than an ornament because they never included anything, I mean new items or drops for those levels, repeatable quest, etc. Luna Plus was only limited to the new dungeon system which is very monotonous and boring, it loses all sense of adventure in the game. Also the class balance is awful making many jobs useless. The classic version is not perfect either but mostly it needs some small gameplay details that were added in later versions. In the case of this server they have known how to take advantage of the new content (graphics) of the later versions and make more interesting content. Maybe the updates aren't frequent as we wish but at least they're worth
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