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  1. This bug happens with all skills where the animation uses a shadow/illusion of the character executing the movement. This frozen face problem is canceled only by changing the map or using some motion(S). '- ' I can add: Rapid Slashing, Death Blow, Shadow Spin, Sky shadow, Fire Arrow, Rapid Arrow.
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    Temper master

    If you want.. You can also get it from philos
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    Temper master

    In this case, you should prioritize these skills: Hunter Blast(Aoe), Hunter Smoke(Aoe), Wind Breaking(Aoe). You could learn Deadly Strike if you need a single target skill. Optional: Illusion Attack. This is a single target stun. If you think you need one stun.. You can be either of them. With the difference that, being dual you should get enough evasion to resist the monsters but this will allow you to deal more damage to them.
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    Temper master

    I guess you're going for Dagger. So the best path currently is: Ruffian - Scout - Th - TM . Basically +28 total evasion you gain from job passives (You can check the table here) As for the skills... I think it depends on whether you want to be dual, focus on pvp or pve, etc The next guide is from 2017 but its info about passive skills, buff is fine: So what about the attack skills in this guide? They're fine too, but my recommendation would depend on whether you decide to go PvP or PvE.
  5. DD bug works like this. You were doing DD in Alker Harbor. When you disconnect in any map, your next connection position will be on the last map where you were doing DD. (In this case Alker Harbor)
  6. I think we need some info. This reminds me of the DD bug... Did you go to the dating dungeon before these events?
  7. I had this problem too, and some friends too. This happens just by killing monsters, you don't need to pick any quest before.
  8. I second this. Or at least add a confirmation captcha for rare+ items . Like when you try to delete a character.
  9. Well.. That's a good point, you know Hunter Blast has too high damage by default; even higher than basis skills of Snipers, Shadow Spin(Assasin), Dagger Blow. I think I once mentioned it in some post. As Treasure Hunter you receive these powerfull skills and it boost some other jobs a lot. When Entrappers don't make that difference. (Found it) https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33514-balance-problems-between-classes/#comment-311167 How would It break the game? Well, gold would become easier to get which means increasing the inflation in the game. While a BT and AR are powerful you have to take into account the factor of investing and equipping them, you just don't go with 2 AK and a +7 gardener to hunt Dinos. Generally you put together a bunch of items to keep it simple and some of us use buffs from other character jobs. Then there's the develing thing (from 135) Antoni77 mentioned a good point, other jobs are needing items according to those levels. I mentioned other jobs could have some fixes. This balance problem seems simple but it's quite a puzzle
  10. It would be something impossible to achieve since some classes are not made to be dps. And if the monsters were weaker, the rogues would still have an advantage. It will just break the game. I still think that it's good that some classes are better than others for certain tasks, precisely Extortion is a buff for characters destined for the task of farming. But nowadays an Entrapper is not so attractive and some other jobs needs some upgrades.. for example, panzers, I think they would be a nice class for farming but their lack of musket passives makes them weaker. The problem here is just the evasion, plus they gain too much critical damage. Basically, they can lure 6-10 monsters and no one will touch them, even when the char is standing still.. doesn't sound plausible, right? It was once mentioned about changing that, so monsters don't miss all their hits every time. I'm not sure what happened. This is something that would help a lot. I second this.
  11. I first thought this would be a suggestion like "Add pet Tarintus/Kierra" which I think is a horrible idea. xD Ok. I second this. I personally think it would be nice to add mini pets based on bosses like Evil Golem, Black Gargoyle, Harpy queen, Fairy Queen (by drop ingame) and some other cute monsters.
  12. The most common example is when you're in Nera harbor and you're 105 -107 +, you don't fill your inventory as fast as when you are 96 - 102. I've been playing Luna Online for years and it's always worked like this. They still drop items for you but it seems to be slower.
  13. If there's no more than 5 levels difference between your character and the monster or boss (either 5 levels higher or 5 levels lower), there is no drop or exp reduction. This mean, from level 58 to level 68 is where you have the most % to get the object. My recommendation is to make a treasure hunter and delevel it using PK points .It's very useful whenever you want to lower something low level.
  14. If I understood your problem. You should ask via ticket https://celestialuna.com/help/
  15. All Christmas costume ear muffs have this problem. They act as masks and hide all head accessories. I'm not sure if it happens with another item, if anyone knows of another item with this type of problem, please report it. ^_^
  16. This idea refers to items like Rudolph's horns, Rudolph's nose, Ox horns, Piggy ears, costume items like those you get from boxes/envelopes/socks. I'm also including the new Rudolph Costume . I see no point in make them account bound and I think many people will agree with this. Nobody want to keep stacks of items for 7 days because they can't trade them, same for repeated pieces of the costumes. - I think making them tradable would improve in-game trading or the desire to trade something you have left over for something you don't have. - Rarely any of the parts and costumes are better than some item you get from the gem store or daily rewards. They're common items. - This suggestion does NOT refer to costumes you get through event NPC. The case of those costumes is different because you CAN choose which piece you want. - This also doesn't refer to consumable items such as protection scrolls or reset scrolls (Account bound) - The repeated pieces of 7 or 30 days that become junk items for many people, they lose the opportunity to be given away or used to have fun in the game with friends That's all! °~°/
  17. I second this. Or it could stay disabled / a little darker until you can use it again.
  18. As far as I know, no .. that's the only way to get them (for now)
  19. It's an interesting bug report. Shield Charge: I tested it and my tank sounds like an elf male Shield of Justice: Human male's voice is fine
  20. Yes, it's in the game. You can get it through Private donation or by buying it for gold (from another player) Check private donation info: https://celestialuna.com/pd-info/
  21. 1 Leather Armor Expertise You must wear 3 parts for it to work. 2 What you describe sounds like how it works on Luna Plus, this server is based on an older version
  22. It has happened to me too, a couple of times. It's kinda annoying but you can always follow the next track.
  23. Last year I made some designs but I never posted them here. Basically I thought of new colors for the event items and more. I'm applying to work on textures if you're short on time, if you want c: This event could include new quests, something about exploring and travel around maps. Instead of the typical event "Monsters will appear in X map", the system could be reused and Santa (a mob) could appear every 15-30 minutes on some random map and whoever finds, they would receive a gift Add unique seeds to alker farm, snowman and x-mas trees. Make a winter version of Alker Farm. A forum event about screenshots or letters to santa
  24. 1 Sword + Shield . Rune Impact, Shield Punch and some magnus swords skills are all you need
  25. Oh.. Dupe items.. that killed the server I used to play before. Final jobs.. we were waiting for that for years, I hope we can see it this year
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