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  1. This is the secret of eternal life! It's an amazing guide . Here you go a star 🌟 I have some suggestions: You could add the inventory numbers (which have been cropped in the screenshots), it would make it easier to understand. And maybe some screenshots about the step by step.
  2. Fire Arrow is an useful AoE and you can use it on lvl 75! As an entrapper you also get Hunter Blast, a non-weapon skill you can use with bow. Then you would have two useful aoe for farming. Another alternative is to follow this path: Ruffian>Scout>Treasure Hunter> Arch Ranger. It's something like the reverse path of Ranger >Entrapper You'd get almost the same skills you would get as an entrapper with a few less levels, but the difference isn't so great. Except for Extortion. Lvl 4 has 45% drop chance and lvl 2 (Th) has 31%. The advantage here is that you would boost your bow skills, you would have more AoE to choose, or "Magic Arrow" if you want to kill 1x1.
  3. It would be great to extend the maximum number to complete a slot
  4. IGN: Falyne Title: My best friend and me
  5. Are we limited to drawing the maps with its actual environment?
  6. I completely doubt this is true or it'd be very stupid of Youtube. Nor I think a bot will eliminate everything automatically overnight. Anyway, it's not a bad idea to upload our content on different platforms, nowadays social networks and services are quite "liquid" xD
  7. Such a wonderful artwork made by my friend! ^ u ^
  8. Sorry for using Mediafire, I updated it

  9. Orange, is Lollipop dance taken as skill? (For the event)

    1. Orange


      no, you can use it

  10. SegĂșn parece, no tiene opciĂłn de idioma para la interfaz.
  11. I already used the mentioned skills and I know that in some cases the bug has been reported many years ago. The effect of Mana Vampirism works, I know. You can give it as buff and the target will receive a buff called Soul Squeeze (only visible in the party window), that effect works properly but the "visual part" doesn't, and doesn't have casting and cooldown time either. I think this could be as it does in Luna Plus, as players buff. About Traps: I saw your topic, but the error has been known for many years as well as the skills I mentioned above. (My first Entrapper was made even in 2011) This topic isn't just a bug report, but it's also a suggestion to improve those skills and that it can be used in some new way instead of just being forgotten or useless. Thanks for replying anyway :3
  12. Hello there! Well... There are some useless skills or skills that I think could be updated. Mana Vampirism: This skill works. You don't see any casting animation when you use it, and the target doesn't have a buff icon when they receives it. But when you give this buff to some player, it works and recovers mp when they kill monsters. Maybe you could solve the graphic problems, also it's not self buff. I like how it works. Corpse Take: It works just like mana vampirism, but in this case the mobs you kill under the effects of this power will give you a heal effect that increases according to your character's int. However, people who receive this debuff will heal hp when they kill monsters or players. The effect is beautiful, but the HP bonus is low (I consider). It could be improved and perhaps become a buff that is intended for players rather than monsters, a self buff for Necromancers. Something like "Vampirism" Corpse Explosion: Unlike the previous one, it does nothing. The effect doesn't work. It could be replaced by some other aoe of fire or another effect, something like a hunter blast / vital explosion but that can be casted from distance. Idk Ice and Fire trap: I don't remember if I ever made a suggestion for this skill. Entrapper has everything but traps. My suggestion is to turn them into something like Hunter blast and smoke. Fire trap could become a skill that is a fusion between "divine hold" (entangle affect) + fire per second, the entrapper would again have a use for boss hunting, because stun doesn't work for they. Ice trap could work with damage and with freezing or speed decreasing effect. I also suggest that these skills should to have an item requirement, something like the Purified Ruby requirement but I suggest create an item called "Trap" and you must craft it with wood and such (for example) Ice illusion: This skill works with magic attack for some strange reason, it doesn't have much use. Illusion attack: I shouldn't put it here because it has use but I think it's bugged and the damage is static. Deadly soul: Damage is low and the effect doesn't work properly Wind barrier: The effect is nice but the SP cost is exaggerated, especially because the effect has no difference between levels. Shield Barrier: It's not useless for pvp, but since the update of the minimum damage, it makes no sense to increase 1000% your defense if you'll take the same damage from monsters. I suggest that it should have a block rate effect to counteract this problem. Blessing Guard: I think it requests too many SP for its low effect, it could also add 1% block rate so that shield users get a greater benefit from this skill I don't remember if there are other "useless" or bugged skills
  13. In Luna Plus you find it there, but I mean the versions that were released after Luna Plus.
  14. In the latest versions of Luna Online, Rune Master even has Shield of Justice and Holy Taker lvl 5(half of the levels Cardinal has), and if I'm not wrong they also have Turn Undead. I would take this as a reference to suggest a change for Rune Master skills. I would really like to see some changes in Rune Master's skills, they are just buffer puppets compared to the Cardinals which also has buffs, heal and the skills mentioned above that are very powerful.
  15. Maybe it's because it's an RK skill and not Panzer skill. I think it fits pretty well with the other skills .
  16. Guild Wars is strategy, there are also magical jobs and debuffer characters. The sense of the block rate and the tank itself it's that, block physical players.
  17. Thanks for replying :3 I noticed it increases 5 levels per job but I thought it worked differently (I thought they gets 25 levels because they are 105 jobs). Now you mentioned that, it makes sense. In that case Musket accuracy should have 5 lvl (instead of 3), It seems to follow the same line as "Sword Rapidity/Axe Mortality/Mace Protection" #3 : Yes but I wrote this one considering it's called "Musket Proximity/Proximity Fire" and the casting animation is like a push. I agree with you, we have the same concept for those jobs :3
  18. The title speaks for itself. Gun-type jobs look more interesting than they were 8 years ago (when the skills didn't even have an icon in some cases). But I think it still needs some fixes. They have very few skills and you only get few levels for those skills. You have a huge amount of SP left over that you can even focus on another weapon (and it even works better than musket) and that's not nice. Here are some specific suggestions: #1 Upgrade "Musket training" for both gun-type jobs. Its max level is 5, which makes these jobs useless compared to others. I think this one is the most important suggestion I can do. #2 Pistol Range and Telescopic Musket Scope (Sniper Skills) doesn't work in this moment, it are supposed to increase the range. If it can't be fixed easily, they could be modified to give accuracy (for example). Also, max level for pistol range is 2. #3 Proximity Fire(Sniper): This skill works properly. But It has a long range for a skill called "proximity fire". Something similar happens with "Musket Proximity" (Panzer) #4 Fast Reload: Sniper gets this skill lvl 4 , but it doesn't work(it's for bow) and Sniper has no bow skills. It could be replaced with "Reloading"(from Panzer, that seems it doesn't work either) #5 Musket Blast(Panzer): I think it works well, but the casting animation is bugged/ it's very weird #6 Musket Accuracy: It works properly but it has only 3 lvls #7 Bleeding Blow: Why is this here? Panzer gets 25 levels of this skill but can't use it, it's for two-handed weapons. I don't want to suggest fix that problem, I suggest replacing those 25 lvls with 25 lvls of Body Check (No-weapon skill and fits with the panzer's concept) #8 Kneeling Shot/Fire(both jobs): It works properly. It's supposed to be a shot to the feet, so why not make it reduce ms? (This is just to "spice up" the skill) Just as you once improved the Crusader job, it would be great to do it also for Muskets, they are jobs with a lot of potential in this game. I could suggest new specific skills, but that depends on you. Please check these suggestions. And sorry if my english may not be clear ^ ~ ^
  19. Design a costume sounds very interesting, it'd also be great if you got the costume you designed (in case you win and your costume is added).
  20. If I'm not wrong, the skills were reseted like 5-6 years ago and there's not a change in the skill tree. I think the reset was just to fix the possibility of hacking the skills of the game, but I'm not sure about this. That message appears when you equip an armor that isn't for your class. I mean: Mage can equip: Robe Rogue can equip: Light armor, Robe Fighter can equip: All armors Mage can equip: Light armor (only if you have the passive light armor expertise learned and you have equipped 3 light armor parts) If you don't follow that scheme then you will have that message in your items. Here an example: (Rogue using heavy armor) Maybe you're mage and you lost the light armor passive with the reset and then you have that problem. You only can't equip items with level limit higher than your current level,
  21. If I'm not wrong, the description of "Rage Burst" used to say "(only for swords)" when it always worked with all weapons. Nowadays It doesn't say something about weapon requeriments(it's fixed) and works with all weapons (as Orange showed). The only good thing about Sonic boom is that is one of the fastest sword skills and it's also long range. But even using any of the other skills that axes could also use, the swords users will have the advantage of the attack speed. A good alternative to replace this loss is the skill Earth Wave, which is also a range ability and gives even more damage than Sonic Boom. But you can't replace the attack speed factor. I think Axe Destro still could be good, it just depends on the player.
  22. Yes, if you use the Sword Passives you will cast the skills faster than Axe. Axe can be better in crit rate and damage than Sword.
  23. The advantages have always been Critical Damage and Critical Rate passives. The only 'disadvantage' I can think is for pvp vs swords users that have more attack speed and their chars also makes a great damage.
  24. Adding to the comment above... No shield skill can be used with dual weapons, that bug has been fixed. So you can't use Shield Bomb with dual weapon. But you can use the skills of the basis weapon you have equipped, now it works properly. ^~^
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