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  1. Had to take a little break, things got out of hand in my personal life and had to be dealt with.  I won't divulge any information but it wasn't pretty.  Nonetheless I am hoping to stick around a little more this time, things going to plan and all.

    I'm hoping to get a working microphone some time soon so I can interact with you guys easier, I'm not a talkative person but I'll be sure to give my opinion when and where it is necessary.  Other than that, it's great to be back!

  2. Somewhat yes, Yuuki reminds me of myself a little, minus the blue hair of course and fresh faces are good, it keeps things from running stale. Thank you both for the welcomes.
  3. Didn't notice the Discord, I'm on there now, up for voice chat or normal chat with anyone, not too bothered. Cheers.
  4. Hello to guys, gals and everyone in-between. I won't beat around the bush, name's StrangeLemon, here to have some laughs, meet some good people and have a good time. I don't care for PvP and will avoid it where I can, just here to chill and have a little fun. See you guys in game.
  5. Just got here, welcome to my profile.  Exciting isn't it? :)

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