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  1. Hi,im very enjoy to play in this server. And im still newbe here and not a donator. What i want to say are : 1.When i want to try to sell some item for gold,im to lazy to click OK for selling it to NPC, can its change to Enter for fast gold?? I think its way faster then click ok ( right click to the item then press enter) 2.Can GM make some quests that gives a decent exp and gold? Maybe can starts from level 75-150. -Kill 200/300 mobs. -Deliver quest. -Collecting items. -Crafting item. This game already have that features i think the more activity to do will be good. Maybe this one can help newbe like me which starts from zero. Its so boring when you running for level, you only hope from DD or pay someone to boosting if you are rich enough or soloing with donation items. Thank you
  2. wilson9

    Player online

    Hi,i want to start play cl again. How many players are online for this server now? Ty
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