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  1. i hate you!!! you no talk leave guild!! it`s very no manners
  2. who are you?? my guild only can be kind player join
  3. hey orange

    connection lost now T.T

    help me

  4. YeonJu

    Bug report

    hey screenshot look guild buff lv limitation lv 5!! but system message lv 6 need!!!
  5. YeonJu

    Bug report

    hi Orange im GoGo guild master YeonJu look screenshot Almighty Power lv limitation lv5 but system message lv 6 And can`t learn now my guild lv 5 now i think so it`s bug... Help me please
  6. wow hello Vanni

    im YeonJu ^^

  7. YeonJu

    Beauty Contest 2019

    IGN:KwangJu hello??
  8. Hello! im GoGo guild Master my guild member all kind help need people free helping everyday ^^ And hate no manners player & pk player! guild join want player....everyday tell guild Master & VIP GM:YeonJu VIP:Falyne VIP:KwangJu thank you ^^ see you later...
  9. YeonJu

    "My guild"

    help me T.T very hard now
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