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  1. ty Orange ... i keep in my mind for that
  2. How much strike we need to hit 100 % .. if that rogue has 450 eva what the highest eva in this server ?
  3. for event bonus top up has ready gone ?
  4. i cant but .. i ready test duel with paladin ... and RI from paladin more far compare to my RI
  5. BUT if that RI from tanker like paladin ... its has far range compare to panzer range ... i know range for panzer is below average .. but for this RI is half range from another panzer skill
  6. compare to another of panzer skill this RI not same range ... its too much sort can you give love for job panzer .. its not much just make all skill have same range attack Note : sory for bad english ... this not main langguage
  7. I need Someone who has knowledge for PANZER job This my Path i choice Warior >> Swordman >> Rune Knight > Panzer plis put your suggestion which one skill / pasive skill i have Choice and your explanation Thank you
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