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  1. Wala na bang tumatambay na pinoy sa MBP channel 2? Dati diba tambayan ng pinoy don
  2. Yes but, how did my weapon ended up in my inventory? Guess I'll just have to buy again ahaha. It happened to me back then, my weapon automatically ended up in the inventory. Please reply.
  3. So while i'm farming at NH, i was moving the items in the inventory because i only get the weapon drops. Then suddenly while i'm moving it, my weapon disappeared...(Idfk how it happened) Can I get it back or not? Please reply.
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    1. Orange


      This would have been a great screenshot contest entry, missed opportunity!

  5. Abyss


    Can I exit while i'm on PK? Will something happen to my account or character if I exit the game while on PK? For example, I used the task manager to exit the game... Is that okay? I used PK and the PK's duration is 4 hours. The time's too long.
  6. Hello, I just want to ask how much def and str do you need for farming? Also, is Temper Master good for farming?
  7. Abyss

    Newbie here

    Thank u very muchh
  8. Hello, newbie here. I just want to ask what does [p], [r], [c], [t] means? I'm just curious because I can't understand what are people saying
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