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  1. How are you going to stop players from just taking off their edits and storing them in the bank before taking a screenshot of their gear? lmao these people will lie and cheat with edits anyhow.
  2. I had a few to be honest, iAgito, AgitoMikura, EnvyKarma, Miscellxneous and DeadCold and lastly Alluring. yea seems so dwindled, Every time ive been on i cant seem to find anyone and i just get bored and log off 😕 LOL ELI I DIDNT EVEN REMEMBER THIS WAS YOUR IGN
  3. for certain reasons ill keep that to myself lmao old or current?
  4. Hello, my name is Tyler. I used to play many years ago but have since returned. Anyone know where all the English players hang out? Back in the day it was server 3 but idk anymore.
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