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    For number 1 actually it was really help, by providing alternative on how people can get reskill, maybe the problem since its not tradable, and the drop rate is too high last year, but this year red envelope is quite hard to get, if the reskill or restat is tradable i guess it will make the reskill cheaper without disturbing the gems spending that much. For number 2, if it a box reward when player reach a certain lv its still good even its account bounded. The effect will be there but not as effective as make it tradable, but if it tradable the constraint is people will reduce gems consumption to buy reskill. Yeah on point number 3 that i suggest its contradictive with the theory, actually contractionary monetary policy theory suggest to reduce the money supply, can be by decreasing drop rate, or lower the value accepted by the npc, but its not favourable since It still be one of the main source of income for player, thats why I suggest the opposite to solve the player purchasing power problem, so player will consider reskill is affordable However this plan is the opposite of the theory, only able to be implemented if it executed simultenously or after the increasing supply of consumable goods or it only will worsen the Inflation.Not good for long term policy, but good for short term policy. Maybe drop rate event when there is gems promotion ? For number 4, I guess there additional limitation of my suggestion thanks to your comment. It will be good only if gold value earn is less than the value of buying gems. Its provide simple way to get money, but u will earn more if u still buying gems. Thanks for the critics. Actually there can be other suggestion, but every suggestion have pro and contra., but the main idea is on "how to give intervention of those consumable goods".
  2. Woaah I'm famous now hahaha, thanks Jonah for your consideration updating my ign on the Equality post.
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    It's hard to implement macroeconomic theory in the current game situation, according to the theory, there are two main way to handle the inflation problem, can be fiscal policy which implement taxes, and monetary policy on how control the money supply. Fiscal policy cannot be implemented in the game, but monetary policy is possible, First we need to understand how to measure inflation within the game, one of the easy way is using Consumer Price Index (CPI) . The Consumer Price Index measures the average change in prices over time that consumers pay for a basket of goods and services. By comparing the current basket of good with the past basket of good value, In this game we can use consumable good as the measurement such as Reset Skill, Reset Stat, Pukerian, Exp 100%, HC Fairy wing, etc. So u just need to sum all the value divided by the old value times 100% then u can find the percentage increase on general price level. So in order to reduce the inflation there should be a government intervention on the basket of goods and services. Possible Actions: 1. The admin could create an event to increase the number of supply of that consumable good, as simple as law of supply of demand, as an example the more reset skill seller in the game, the more competitive it will be, supply > demand, then the value of reskill will be fall. It can be within the games so player can hunt for that item, such as event or increase the number of quest or increase the number of gems promotion 2. The admin could help the newbie directly who need support the most, by giving free consumable goods such as reskill, restat, puke which is tradeable when newbie reach a certain lv, so it will help the newbie to have initial investment within the games, that also can be a new source income for player, and increase retention rate player in order to have that item. 3. The admin could increse the money supply within the games, It can be by increasing drop rate, or increasing value of certain good to increase player purchasing power, or generate new source of income, can be from farming or fishing, or crafting item, that can be sell with a fair price to npc. However this plan is the opposite of the theory, only able to be implemented if it executed simultenously or after the increasing supply of consumable goods to increase the purchasing power. 4. The admin could update the private donation value based on the current market value, and reduce the minimum order. The current condition player can buy gold directly through PD at a rate of 1.5B gold per $1. Minimum gold purchase is $10. ,The purchasing power will increase by increasing the value of gold by the percentage of CPI increase, or player can buy gold direcly using gems. Limitations: 1. It will reduce the source of income for the admin, cause less spending of gems if consumable good is become easier to get within the gates, In order to mitigate this problem, is to increase the number of player so there will be more sales, I have audit the techinical seo and digital footprint of celestia luna, but i found, celestia luna still lack of digital marketing activities, in order to acquire new user. 2. Its takes time to organize the event and update, since from what i heard, there is small number of staff within this game. In order to solve the problem admin need to hire more staff, or engage more volunteer of good track record player that want to contibute within this game. Theres alot of theory that I want to elaborate here, but let start with this simplest one, maybe ill create more content related to this in the future, lets make this thread as an economic discussion haha
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    Beauty Contest 2019

    Name: Sathi "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
  5. For now the best way we can think of is through giving them 1 time warning, after receiving min 3 report from player that say his damage or deffense is too high. With the assumption if only 1 player report it , it considered as bias, but if more than 2 considered as facts. -If the suspected player cant cooperate and didnt reply our representative message we will kick them directly from the guild event. -If they admit they using edit but want to cooperate we will give them a warning and if they continue wearing edit we will kick them from the guild event The inspection will occurs while the war is still continue, the suspected player is asked to move to the corner of the map and other player is not allowed to hit them. I know its still hard to make sure everyone will behave according what we want, but this first event is a trial, we will evaluate everything that we miss and we open for suggestion, If player still want this event, we plan to have open war where the the edit and non edit distributed equally.
  6. Dear all Celestians, are you tired with current war in game? do you want to have organized, fair and fun war ? or maybe events? We want to connect the older generation of players with the new generation and provide a place for sharing and having fun. We need your participation! Celestian War & Events Proudly Presents: About the events: The first Celestian Weekly War will be called CWW#1, will begin in 21 September 2019 For the first Celestian Weekly War#1 will be: NON-EDIT WAR The registration period will be held from Sunday 15 September 2019-18 September 2019. Please register on https://forms.gle/8AdF2RYmF1kYt9FEA The war will be held on Saturday, 21 September 12:00 - 13.30 server time . There is no Registration Fee, and no winning prize for the winner but special gifts for lucky participant! in CWW#1. Please join celestian War & Events Discord for further information https://discord.gg/d6KDZRP Process for Weekly War: There will be 2 guilds, our representative will be the Guild Master of both guilds The war will go on for 1 hour and 30 minutes The guilds will be randomised through a randomiser application through the Google- Form. The minimum number for non-edit wars will require 20 players (10:10) in both guilds, and the maximum is 60 players in both guilds (30:30) The minimum number for edit wars will consist of 10 players (5:5) in both guilds, and the maximum number of players will be 30 players (15:15) in both guilds If the minimum number is not fulfilled, the war will be canceled and rescheduled for next events.. If the guilds have an uneven amount of players, our representatives will make a decision on how to change the guild sizes, this may result in an our representatives joining a team, rearrangement based on punctuality or there will be switching player during the war. Extra players are allowed to spectate the war and must NOT interfere For those players who get tired and want to switch with other player just shout, or pm LeaderTeamA/LeaderTeamB The spectators are not allowed to interfere with the event, if the spectator does this they will receive a warning and could result in a kick from the guild Once the war has ended, the Guild Master will kick all members of the guild and calculate the winner through how many points has been gained or lost The winner will be based on the guild points reduction, the guild that has lost the least amount of most guild points is the winner, our representatives will announce the initial Guild point and Guild point reduction. The list name of winner will be published in Discord. 30 minutes after the war ended, our representatives will make the guild empty again for the next event. Players are allowed to stay longer or leave the guild before that. Rules: Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out from the guild, every player will get 1 time warning before he/she get kicked out. Edits are not allowed in non edit war, if edits are suspected please report to our representatives. Our representatives will ask the suspect to show them their items after receiving min 3 reports from different players and the punishment will be decided depending on the amount of edits used. Edits are allowed in open wars, it is your choice whether to use edits or not. Keep racism/hate speech out of the events. Avoid disruptive behavior, Don't spam Steer clear of drama Try not to initiate or facilitate needless drama. For future suggestion please personal message the our representatives, or just post your idea in discord or Forum. How to Register: The link will be published every Monday on game discord, and our celestian War & Events discord. Just simply fill out the registration form. The registration period will be for every Sunday-wednesday, and will be closed on Thursday at 00.00 server time. The announcement of the team will be published every Thursday Make sure your character have no guild, and ready to be invited The invitation will be held at Alker Harbour Ch 1 from Friday 00:00 - Saturday 12:00 Server Time (1 hour before the war begins) at server time, just personal messages or notes LeaderTeamA and LeaderTeamB for invitation. Players are not allowed to invite anyone to our events guild, for those players who invite without our representatives confirmation will get a warning. The war will be held every Saturday 12:00 - 13.30 server time . Plans for Future Events: We plan to have "Weekly war" and "Monthly Tournament" with registration fee and winning prize. We plan to make fun war/event such as “(Protect the guild master” (when you have war but the point will be based on how many times the guild master died, you can use offense or defense strategy), “NPC Equipment Days” (where your current character, or a new character war/duel by using npc equipment Lv 5/40/75) and many others. We plan to have open suggestions for fun event beside of war through our discord. We plan to open recruitment for our representatives in the future. Looking forwards to see you at the events!
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