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  1. Some of BT skills like Ghost Break has a delay after casting it, so i'm basically paralzed for a second or two before I can cast another spell or even move.
  2. Dual Wield Training for BT only gives additional p.attack "ONLY" when using swords which should've been daggers, and the description says it too which sucks since i have invested some points for it >.<
  3. welp ghost break doesn't drain hp
  4. What are the skills that are bugged for blade taker?
  5. lApollo

    Level 125 Jobs

    alright thank you very much
  6. lApollo

    Level 125 Jobs

    Are the staff members in Celestia Luna planning on implementing the level125 jobs such as death knight, lord, etc.? If so, then when? thank you
  7. Can someone please make a guide on swordmasters from level1 to 150 that includes skill build, item build for leveling, pvp and endgame stuff. Thankyou very much
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