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  1. Here's one from fighters guides and it's close to the top of the list there is several others that list the same thing this guide even explains how they got 108% block rate with CB so it's definitely outdated if it's incorrect so I'm guessing it's safe to say anything over 2 yrs maybe outdated?? Maybe? New to the game and so much to learn again thank you for your information!
  2. 108% block rate is from paladin build on CL and from people in game they said if you add your shield training passive is suppose to be 53% plus the 40% from solid shield = 93% plus your 5% from iron shield to give 98% block rate plus your 10% from CB artifact to give a total of 108% total block rate unless skills have been changed around that I'm not aware of but they said it doesn't show in your char window correctly? that's why I was asking thanks for the info much appreciated
  3. So I have a serious question....I have a lvl 108 paladin with every skill buff and passive maxed out as far as it will go for the class, but my block rate says I only have 65% block rate and that's with CB artifact I'm wearing. I know everyone keeps telling me to add the shield training cz it doesn't show in char window but with everything added added together it's just not adding up to me. Also I have my 105 heavy armor and CB at +12 with vit reinforced and vit Philo on everthing so my phy deff is 7860 and alot higher with mage shield and pet shield buffs. So I grind at mantis ATM but with that deff and block rate suppose to be 108% they still hit for 101-310 damg every hit I'm just curious if block rate was affected or changed in some way or did I miss something? Was just asking for me and my party squad. I do know that with full my pure path with no buffs and CB taken off my block rate says 15% then with CB and paladin buff it's 65% if anyone has an answer or could help it would be much appreciated thanks!!
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