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  1. Taking out the trash 1 last time

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. getthefack


      plis open my char i was banned for 1 week ID: getthefack

    3. erwinwinzz(E)


      whoa , sum ppl want get back his/her ID . hmm , i think me too . lol . nick > erwinwinzz , if u don't want to open it , nvm it >.< , i just buy 10 slot of LB 3rd , with 5M each LB . lol .

    4. ilham coollzz

      ilham coollzz

      Sir please return my ID ..

      name ID: goten15 and bobooo

      I beg you sir ..

  2. Help Me Please GM open my char , im not use open account.. im not use hack for playing.... Pleas Now open my char T.T

    id : dhanyasashi

    nick : reizaro

    just, i like it for playing on celestia luna online.

    thank's for GM / Admin or team celestia staff.


  3. sorry i can't speak english --'' sorry..

  4. opps sorry beautifull

  5. wew you so beatifull .. heheh kidding..:D

  6. why can't join server ..

    logging on ... please wait

    very long time >.<

  7. HAPPY BRITHDAY! (late)

  8. Serene

    Show Yourself!

    Oh you cant see me? Maybe you should get your head out of your ass, or maybe someone else's ass. Oh but then again you did always want to be asian didnt you. SALEH OH NO I FORGOT YOU CANT. Its okay though the aura you make after you stand in the sun for a few hours just smells of fail, like everything else you do.
  9. Serene

    Show Yourself!

    Okay then sir, get back in the kitchen and make me this like the rest of your people do
  10. Serene

    Show Yourself!

    No but i found you Whatcha doing there ಠ_ಠ
  11. Serene

    Show Yourself!

    Now Now Saleh, you know better. Take your retarded acts elsewhere
  12. GM, no block Indonesian IP please..

    Im no cheat Again..

    My Nick: Sparniand

  13. whether this is in the guild cupcake Mrs.serena ?

  14. plz check how come my id banned im making thread in help center

  15. add the monster Black Widow Master Arach. In falley of Vairy .Pliz

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