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  1. First of all, it's a lenghty post which im not even sure if it's gonna be seen. For everyone reading, thanks. I think the classes as they are now are fairly unbalanced. BT imo is the biggest offender here. Every class and every job excels at one thing, BT can do anything a physical class does and much better than anyone else If we take a look at the class, it's basically a better TM, SM, and Destroyer. ( I have characters from all these classes) With proper equipment it hits harder than all of them, has way more eva so is considerably more tanky than them as well. Has lvl 25 armor expertise on top of that. If we are talking about pvp, there is this fundamental problem that a fighter needs to use a suboptimal damage move to hit a rogue, otherwise they miss (Fearful Blow and Rune Impact). These moves have much lower damage than their respective classes main spells, and even their main spells don't hit as hard as a Dagger Blow from a BT. Not to mention Dagger Blow has a HUGE range, even comparable to AR skills, which is kinda weird for a class that is supposed to be low range. Now one could argue that fighters can solve their problem with strike equip, but then they don't have the p.a to compliment it. All in all, a BT with good equipment can survive a low dmg undodgeable spell from a fighter, but not the other way around. As for the TM case, what's even the point of playing TM instead of BT? I can't think of a logical reason other than elves looking better and even that is up to preference. Sure you might love to buff your allies with your party buffs as well, but every single important stat out there, BT has much more of it and it's not even close. To conclude this, as a BT main myself, i demand a bit of a nerf for BT. It's not fun when half of the players in the server plays the same class as me.
  2. Blade Taker -Has a lot higher eva because of higher lvl passives -Has a lot higher p.a because of higher lvl actives, passives and blood rage which is a Human only toggle spell -Has a higher crit rate and crit damage multiplier. -Has lvl 25 Light armor expertise vs lvl 20 in TM -Has lvl 10 stealth, if that is your thing -Basically a better TM except it doesn't have Casting Foil, which is not that important imo. Temper Master -Has party buffs, so could be useful for others -Has a silence skill (Casting Foil) -Elf only p.def and m.def toggle skills -Looks cooler while dual wielding
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