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    Top up gems

    Cara top up gems gimana ya? Kmrn udh beli dari Unipin 100rb, trf via e-wallet, tpi saat mau buka www.luna.gemscool.com ny error dan sampe skrg ngk ad kabar dr Unipin dan Gemscol nya. Ada saran?
  2. mine was rogue, ruffian, archer and treasure hunter (HUMAN). 1. what do you recommend to take after treasure hunter? 2. any recommendation armor and weapon for treasure hunter lvl 76? thanks
  3. Ada saran armor atau weapon untuk treasure hunter lvl 76 Human? Thank you
  4. TiffanyBin


    I see. I am new to this but thank you for correcting me
  5. TiffanyBin


    Thank you so much
  6. TiffanyBin


    Hi, any ideas which monster drop rare bow weapon for level 60 and above? (Currently I am at 65). Thank you
  7. TiffanyBin


    Hi, gimana cara ny summon pet setelah kita hidup kembali? karena saya ngk bisa summon pet, tulisan nya "Cant use at this state". selalu terjadi setiap kali mati. Thanks
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