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  1. Are there any other costume like Paladin Hood, BWS Def, Small Earth Runes, Coffin? I don't know anything else like Bache PDef. I want to use them on my AR, but they are very expensive.
  2. Nice Guide there mate, can you make a Full Vit Tank Archer? Like Elf Rogue-Voyager-Archer-Ranger-Arch Ranger for Max HP from Job Passives.
  3. Looking For Hanbok Set Whisper/Note Me SweetKissEx
  4. Thanks for the clarification about Hanbok, guess I'll have to wait next til year (Jan/Feb), but hopefully Hanbok will be chosen randomly and be available from weekly sale.
  5. I hope this isn't too much to ask, I would love to buy old Costumes in Item Mall like Hanbok Set(especially Hanbok), Cats, General, Firefighter, Opera, HP/MP/MS BWWR etc. Hoping to see them available, I'm fine with them being not permanent but make them available for months.
  6. Thank you so much, I'll save this now.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm curious and I want to know all skills that don't need weapons to be used, I haven't tried all Jobs but I know few, what are those other skills and what job(s) has/have them? HOLY STRIKE -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY AVENGER -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY EARTHQUAKE -Crusader(not sure if SA's HE works w/ other weapons or w/o weapons RUNE IMPACT -Rune Knight, Magnus BLAZING BODY -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer BODY CHECK -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer
  8. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    It's already fixed, I'm using HCGA.
  9. The current Sword Storm works with one hand/dual wield and is not exclusive to swords.
  10. Would it be a good idea to add Afro and other Wig Costumes to Salon? This will free the Head Costume Slot and you'll be able to use 5/5 Costumes and fully use its effects.
  11. DexAngelle ikaw ba yan?
  12. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    Thanks for the answer, I m still a bit skeptical, what Items did you use? What Passive Skills were there aside from Rage Burst? Hope you still answer these questions as I need to confirm before purchasing an Axe and using Reskill. Thanks in advance.
  13. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    I just want to confirm, does Rage Burst work on Swords only? I'm currently a Sword Destroyer, but if it's working on Axe/Mace too then I might shift to Axe.
  14. If I recall correctly, Sword Rapidity only increases Speed of Normal Attacks, not casting of skills
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