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  1. Looking For Hanbok Set Whisper/Note Me VolcanicBlazeEx
  2. Thanks for the clarification about Hanbok, guess I'll have to wait next til year (Jan/Feb), but hopefully Hanbok will be chosen randomly and be available from weekly sale.
  3. I hope this isn't too much to ask, I would love to buy old Costumes in Item Mall like Hanbok Set(especially Hanbok), Cats, General, Firefighter, Opera, HP/MP/MS BWWR etc. Hoping to see them available, I'm fine with them being not permanent but make them available for months.
  4. Thank you so much, I'll save this now.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm curious and I want to know all skills that don't need weapons to be used, I haven't tried all Jobs but I know few, what are those other skills and what job(s) has/have them? HOLY STRIKE -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY AVENGER -Infantryman, Phalanx, Crusader HOLY EARTHQUAKE -Crusader(not sure if SA's HE works w/ other weapons or w/o weapons RUNE IMPACT -Rune Knight, Magnus BLAZING BODY -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer BODY CHECK -Mercenary, Gladiator, Destroyer
  6. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    It's already fixed, I'm using HCGA.
  7. The current Sword Storm works with one hand/dual wield and is not exclusive to swords.
  8. Would it be a good idea to add Afro and other Wig Costumes to Salon? This will free the Head Costume Slot and you'll be able to use 5/5 Costumes and fully use its effects.
  9. DexAngelle ikaw ba yan?
  10. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    Thanks for the answer, I m still a bit skeptical, what Items did you use? What Passive Skills were there aside from Rage Burst? Hope you still answer these questions as I need to confirm before purchasing an Axe and using Reskill. Thanks in advance.
  11. AnnaTanaka

    Rage Burst

    I just want to confirm, does Rage Burst work on Swords only? I'm currently a Sword Destroyer, but if it's working on Axe/Mace too then I might shift to Axe.
  12. If I recall correctly, Sword Rapidity only increases Speed of Normal Attacks, not casting of skills
  13. Hi Guys I'm here for another suggestion. 1) I noticed that 2 Dungeons give higher Exp (Candy Garden & Damp Cavern) than the other 2(Graveyard Ruin & Mansion), maybe we could hope to have the 4 Dungeons have the same Exp. 2) If also possible, reduce/divide the number of attemps each day (from 10 per day to 5 per day) but double the Exp. This will be very helpful to players who don't have much time playing especially when they have to rest early or have something else to do. They just have to do DD for around 30 to 40mins a day.
  14. Thank you so much GM for replying, I was also thinking that the Physical/STR Mage learns Dual Wield, dual Wield Wand. But it will also have penalties like decrease Physical Attack and Magical Attack. The only problem is the 135 T6 Job for Mages, I'm not really sure what skill they will have but I'm certain that they will all have Magical Skills.
  15. Hi Guys This topic may have been posted/discussed here but would it be possible to add new T5(Lv105) Jobs? Like these Fighter: Gauntlet User, like a Brawler/Boxer. Punches and Kicks enemies Rogue: Claw/Katar Users, like a Berserker Mage: A Spear/Staff User, a Physical/STR Type Mage, this may sound weird but Fighter has Crusader and Magical/INT Based Skills. Just to be Unique. Thanks Guys.
  16. If you are Dual Wielding, you can use 1 hand skills, but the passive does not work. If you are using 1 Hand Weapon + Shield, only 1 Hand Training works. If you are using two 1 Hand Weapons, only Dual Wield Training works.
  17. How about AoE Skills? It's always good to have 2 or more AoEs, only Sword Storm and Bloody Sky?
  18. Thanks for this Guide, as for 1H Training, I know it doesn't work when you're Dual Wielding, I tried it on my SM.
  19. Hi Guys, I m planning to create a new Character, what's the Best Path can you Recommend for Dual Axe Magnus? And what are the Mains Skills/Buffs needed? Thanks in Advance.
  20. Recommended if you have Shield Skills and One Hand Training.
  21. Nagbebenta ka pala ng mga M Flames at HQ, ito suggestion ko. Fighter>Guard>Swordsman>Knight>Sword Master
  22. Mejo mahirap yata sila hanapin. Parang konti na lang tayo dito.
  23. Anong Level nyo na? Kakabalik ko lang nung March 26.
  24. Thanks for clarifying, I already have an INT Crusader, I want just want to make sure if Blazing Body is STR because I want to have it on my Destroyer.
  25. Are you sure Blazing Body is STR/PA Based? I don't want to waste SP there, I want to use it cause it's AOE but I read somewhere that it's INT/MA Based.
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