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  1. Thank You for reply! I'll stay at my current path with Ruffian - Scout. I like evasion and i think this path would be good for me - get evasion from job passives (entrapper path). Thank you again for reply and help with my doubts and my confusion.
  2. Hello guys. Ima new here. Playing 3 days. I have main character with this path: Rogue - Ruffian - Scout - Rune Walker (Arch Ranger in future). I use bow. I need advice with this AR path... I have doubt about Ruffian in this path... This path good or not? Voyager better maybe? So... i need advice for that... im new here and Luna is new game for me... I know about job passives... Now i have: +16 evasion from currently path, but i don't know... Just with voyager i'll get more HP an cr.rate from AR path job passive... Or +16 eve from job passives is good??? I like my path, but im confused... Help me please.. Need i new character with another AR path or my currently path is good? And yeaa.. my English is not good, sorry... Thanks.
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