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  1. Venice

    Pet's Bug

    Ah, if I did not mistaken, it is the pet from Farouk's quest. I see...never know that the pet's slots are random (Farouk's quest).. Very unfortunate then. Thank you so much for the information! (hopefully this post can alert those who got pet from Farouk's quest too)
  2. Venice

    Pet's Bug

    Attached! As can be seen, despite lvl 100, the last two skills slot are yet to be unlocked. Thank you for quick response
  3. Venice

    Pet's Bug

    Greeting. After my pet reached lvl 100, I noticed that my pet only have 4 skills slot. I thought the pet should have unlocked 6 skill slots? Is this a bug or normal? Thank you in advance! Character name: EarlVenice Pet name: Cherry (First time posting, please correct me if I did something wrong xD;)
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