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  1. Helo Thanks for starting the thread Jonah. Story short i'm just an old player that come back bcs of covid things. Everything went smooth, luckily i hv estabilshed my equp before the newest update came. Andddd some of my guildmates and friends start quitting one by one. The richer is getting richer ofc but newbie hv no chance to survive. The inflation is arround 200-300% in a month. Revert the drop rate won't solve the problem. I have an idea. How about give chest to new char (free bwl or other equip to make newbie farm easier) for 30D exp. That way newbie can leveling without ease. Because the main problem is newbie can't get decent equip due to super inflation. Thank you Visalir
  2. Gegegege

    TM new skill

    I realized 3 unique skills on my skill tab. Deadly soul, deadly strike , and wind barrier. I wonder if those skills do any good in pvp
  3. Gegegege

    Elastic Bow

    In the skill description said that it's increase range of musket drastically. Does it affect bow range too?
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