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  1. Required eva for DD 101-120??? Thank you :D
  2. Is this real? I’ve building a BT but I haven’t lvl up my duals passives due my “low” eva
  3. Don't worry about that! Thank you very much <3
  4. Also, should I get full DEX until a certain lvl? like 120?
  5. Cool! thanks for the advice! Really helpful actually, most of the guides are kinda old and I don't know to much about today's meta (more like: best option according to nerfs and buffs, etc).
  6. Hi! I've been playing for a few weeks and I'm curious about which path should I follow for my new BT. I've seen videos that show Rogue>Ruffian>Archer>TH>BT (with full STR) and videos that show Rogue>Ruffian>Scout>TH>BT (with full DEX). I cannot decide since I have like 0 experience in this game haha. Any suggestions and recommendations will be really appreciate it :D
  7. Thank you very much! Really helpful!
  8. Oh thank you! I have a question, if i delevel, the items that i have on me will not be available to use, right? And how much lvl should i delevel? Thank you :D!
  9. Nice guide! I'm kinda newbie... Any armor/weapon/costume set recommendation? I also wanna make some money before getting into lvl 117, should I farm money in Nera Harbor after getting lvl 105 (delvling of course)? Any advice from you will be appreciated it :D
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