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  1. Hi DD is one of the thing i used too much here and im fed up with that, but that is not my point. I reached 120+ but i dont see any personal ple to interact with me they all just soloing and felt that i am uneeded while in there everyone is needed, thr weak ones, the buffer, and the weak damager, anyone will count. Most people i saw can do all those things with 1 character i dont know how will i reach that level maybe if i hard farm a year it will be possible but that not the purpose i want to play this game. And speaking of change of environment there is these thing called dungeons which is a very fun high lvl farming and lvling solo. As a nub i am able to have a run with midrange equipments. Last thing is people suggest that i DD till 150 but i dont think its healthy for my mind
  2. Review: same guy here just forgot the pass, Id say this server is lacking so much thing, not every plus feature led its to its demise, but if you want to know what is my comparison to other is that its more new bee friendly, plus its more fun when meeting random stranger in low lvl dungeon which is one of the essence of luna. Sorry but i have to drop this server. Anyone thank you for welcoming me and plz no hate i know this server will improve on the future
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