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  1. bhey923

    BT Equip

    Can someone help me with a good set of equipment for bt along with philo and reinforce? Thanks in advance!
  2. What other monsters drops this?
  3. pasali din sana guild haha
  4. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    I'll just have to figure it out then haha thanks for the advice! Appreciate it hehe
  5. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    Thanks again! I found this guide online but I dont know if it is still relevant.. https://archaguzz.blogspot.com/2013/12/fighter-panzer-guide-extensive.html
  6. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    What stat should I focus on? Skill build is a l lot to handle so i wont be asking about that anymore haha I played this game few years ago, and I forgot a lot of stuff
  7. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    Thanks a lot for being friendly and helpful! I just need to figure out the rest
  8. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    Ohh okay.. but i cant find any panzer guides either
  9. bhey923

    Sniper Guide

    Are there any sniper guides out there? Is being a sniper worth it?
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