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  1. Ohh... Yup that solves it. Stupid me to forgot that option. I guess being out of the game for a while really needs some refreshing to do. Thanks a lot for the help Clise.
  2. But the thing is I could not even reach the trading box. :( I just clicked the other char and then select the action "Trade" and viola cannot trade. Well i guess the below photo would properly show my point: Click Here for Photo Thanks for the response sir. Hope to fix this soon.
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to ask if Tradings with ur other account using Dual client not allowed anymore? Coz i always encounter "The other character cannot exchange anymore" error while trading gold from my 2 accounts. Well its kinda strange since i was able to transfer gold using this method before (2days ago) and now i cant? We also know that dual client is not illegal in this server ryt? (or was there a rule update while i was atleast 2yrs away?) Does anybody else encounters this or just me? Thanks for the response. Hope to hear from our GM / Admins soon.
  4. You min TM ryt? coz as far as i know BT cant have foil... In My Opinion Magnus is a very good char for pvp and gvg. They have great buffs to help in gvg ( Prot Aura and other aura buffs ) For pvp they are Tank enough to Survive flurry of combos from the enemy. Try having a magnus with 21k+ HP 5.5k+pdef and 10k+PA, im pretty sure you would do good in pvp and gvg.
  5. For NH Farming/Grinding 250 eva is good enough for most mobs... But to be safe you nid atleast 280 eva to evade the boss on NH
  6. illusion attack can be used while dual wielding...
  7. First learn all buffs, passives and the bombs since u will need to learn them anyway... (especially those buff and passives that gives evasion) after doing that full buff urself, equip all ur best gears and look at ur character stats if ur eva reaches 320+ den i would suggest to learn dual wield even if ur only 105... if it does not reach that much eva do not learn dual wield yet (atleast until u have 320eva)... now lets say u did not reach 320eva and ur willing to reskill again then feel free to learn wind break and LAE if u want otherwise just stick with hunter bomb/smoke and shieldboom while equiping a shield on the left hand... but if u reach 320+ eva at lv 105, learn all dual wield passive skills, hunter bomb/smoke , shield boom and illusion attack... hope it helps... :)
  8. SwitCake

    TM help

    I will initially suggest to go full dex from d start.. since DEX = more eva, more crit rate and gives an increase in crit damage... but since ur already lv 83, try to start adding dex now... since tm have good buffs for eva and crit rate i thnk u cud still have a good evade upon reaching lv 105 (good enuf to evade NH mobs) it also depends on ur items... if u have imba gear u cud still possibly go dual wield upon reaching 105 w/out having a difficult time lvlng at NH...
  9. Totally forgot about that... sorry... Ill do that if I have some free time... Im Glad I could Help... And I hope that this would help others ( especially new players ) to understand how RageBurst works...
  10. RageBurst is a Destroyer Skill that increases Crit Damage, but it is not mentioned whether it increases Crit damage when wielding a sword or axe. There are many speculations before that RageBurst works with Axe and some says that it is a sword only skill. Thus, I conducted this experiment to show how RageBurst really works. Here Goes.... In this Experiment I used: * Lv 80 Character * Job: Knight ( RageBurst from Mercenary Job ) * Same Items, Stats and Skills ( except for RageBurst and d Weapons ) * Weapons: Both are Lv 75 Weapons ( Sword and Axe ) bought from NPC ( enchant to +7 to further emphasize damage difference ) * Monster: Slime ( cos they are so cute :D ) Experiment Data: AXE: Without RageBurst: NoRageBurstAxe1 NoRageBurstAxe2 NoRageBurstAxe3 NoRageBurstAxe4 NoRageBurstAxe5 Max Damage: 5161 Min Damage: 4770 With RageBurst: RageBurstAxe1 RageBurstAxe2 RageBurstAxe3 RageBurstAxe4 RageBurstAxe5 Max Damage: 5211 Min Damage: 4752 SWORD: Without RageBurst: NoRageBurstSword1 NoRageBurstSword2 NoRageBurstSword3 NoRageBurstSword4 NoRageBurstSword5 Max Damage: 5099 Min Damage: 4566 With RageBurst: RageBurstSword1 RageBurstSword2 RageBurstSword3 RageBurstSword4 RageBurstSword5 Max Damage: 6296 Min Damage: 5673 Conclusion: Based on the Data that I presented, it is evident that when wielding Axe, with or without RageBurst, your damage output is almost the same. While when wielding Sword, the difference in damage is more visible ( about 1k damage diff between the minimum and maximum damage ). Thus we can say that RageBurst is a Sword only skill, we still dont know if this is just a bug or if RageBurst is made this way from d start. Thats All for this Experiment... Tnx For Reading and I Hope this Guide enlightened us about This RageBurst Thing... :lol:
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