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    S/T> L.armor [C]Dex50 [P]STR30.6 [R]STR,max = [C]STR [P]eva17-18+ Earmuff PA = Demon/Puppy PA P.Boots = any MS i add gold Sekthor PA 19++ = EOP/EOD PA 19+ Trans set eva/mix str = OFFER Holo Wings BB [P]Str7 (DIRTY) = OFFER reply im always active
  2. just keep it sir , i try to vend it for a week and no one wants to buy :)
  3. yes bkit lods ? hehe new player here
  4. SELLING> +12 chival PA19.2 +12AK (P)STR25.5 (R)30 +12EG ACCU20.1 mix hp rec/ms +12EG STR23.9 mix crit 2pcs flick PA19.2/19.3 +12HATHOR STR24 mix HP/MP HOPI P.BOOTS CHICKA2 WSH CRIT77 MIRROR PA MESSAGE ME
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