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  1. !!!! I don't imagine I'll ever see anyone from those days, but holy shit. Random nostalgia hit and revisiting the forum has brought back such a wave of cringe. YIKES?


    Maybe I'll see someone around, who can tell? --TinyPanda (Spoony? Chandy? Errir? What the fuck did I GO BY?)

    1. Eduvizm


      holyfuck it's you, i occasionally visit these forums too for nostalgia. Cringe is real indeed, so many memories here. Good times with you and Akcent! Would be awesome to catch up ~

    2. Coobi


      Holy HELL, LOL. It's good to see you around!! I talked about old games I used to play recently and CL came up in my head, wanted to pop in to see if it was still around.


      And, oh man, looking through your old accounts posts is not supported because... No...


      Heckin' good to see you though!!! We'll have to find out how to make chit chat.

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