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  1. Im farm at oasis and already make sure my pet wasn't in cc status even tough the serpent there doesnt have cc skill's.. but i sometimes encounter this problem when try to cast heal..my pets just not response.. i will search more about this.. thanks for your explanation game master.. yay! must be great right
  2. Hello guys.. God bless you wherever you are.. im gonna sharing some experience using pets some bugs and i will add some suggestion and solution for information to make it better for future purpose.. overall i didnt found much post to discuss about pet, so i think this might be helpfull. Pets is a really helpful assistance in this game.. you can add them some buff (which you can buy at pet shop at alker or nera castle) and make your main character stronger with it.. Im using pet for farming at oasis.. but i found some problem sometimes with my pets.. But i dont really know its just me or other player encounter this problem..that's why i make this post to figure it out.. 1. Delay Skill My first problem i encounter is delaying pet skill's.. im using 6 slot great heal level 2 for my pets.. sometimes in the middle of the fight/mob.. i pressed F1(auto targeting my character) -> Heals skill but my pet's wont heal me..im only got notif "you have to wait skill to cooldown" so many times (above 10 second still no heal) and im ended with die. Argument's : Check your pet mana! i've check it and it have enough mana to cast heal : It say you have to wait cooldown, wait for cooldown! its above 10 second already and still no heal : Check internet connection 100% no problem with my internet connection : make your pet in Follow status not worked Solution and Answer : The solution and answer i got is "Pet Friendship" this Pet friendship is Percentage of heart your pet have. if it going to 0, your pet will automatically dies.. I see if this "Pet Friendship" status below 70%, The pet delaying their skill's.. but if 100%, they really responsive (I dont know if this theory true..i hope Admin will answer this.) so,make sure your "Pet Friendship" is maintaned at 90-100% 2. Follow status on pets quite didn't work I make my Pet status always on "Follow".. but they keep hitting enemy this make they only focus on enemies and sometimes wont cast skill. ( this sometimes happen even 100% pet friendship) i dont know about this pet algorithm, but i think it have no difference with Assist status 3. Bugged Pet Resurretion scroll's This another "small" problem with pets is resurrection scroll's.. when my pet's die, im using pet resurrection scroll. Then the resurrection scroll become Red and unable to click unless you change map or relog. I hope admin will fix this. Solution : solution for this, i separate the resurrection scrolls by drag them to another slots and pressing alt in the same time.. and separate 1 of them.. im using this 1 and it will gone after use.. and the rest of resurrection scroll will not turned Red. that's all my experience while using pet.. i hope it might help This some Suggestion might be useful. 1. make Pet Skills description such as Heal amount, Damage amount, and Buff Amount. 2.make Pet Skills Cooldown animation and timer such as other skills and potion. so we will know is it on the cooldown or not. Disscussion : Okay guys this is only Discussion ..so tell me how do you think about it.. Instead of give Boring job to our Pets, How if we increase the Cap level of the pets and Upgrade the pet ability??? like making the cap 150, and make an Armor and Weapon and equipment they can use as before??? that able to enchant,reinforce or philloed?? make new item for pet used.. so they can join the fight or something.. so the pet attack skill on the pet shop will be useful ??(i bet 100% no one use that, player only use buff and heal) just my opinion,i think it would be fun and make a new colour to our server Okay this the end of my post.. Thanks for reading and God bless you guys see youuuu
  3. IGN : Bondrewd Winter Selfie with Ice Queen and her Daughter and Angry bear
  4. Hello guys, God bless you wherever you are. I want to share some strategy plan to help newbie players and strategy to make the economic better as we know the inflation really crazy.. Just giving my opinion from my experience. 1. What newbie players need? Especially free to play players? I've saw some advice from other player to add 30 days trial costumes for example: like 30 days BWL or 30 days bache p.a to help newbie. Well, you didnt realized that Chicken costumes 4/4 from the beginner box has a nice effect already. Im enough with this. (The cons just not really a cool looking costumes,thats all. Why newbie wants BWL? Its just looks cool along with the buff of that suit) (SUGGESTION I - change the chicken costumes visual, make it more cute or cool or something, so newbie player will be like it, simple. "Or" a lot better if Developers can add free 5/5 costume trials 7 weeks. ;p) Lets get back to the main points, so what we're newbie really wants? All i can say, we need just 2 simple "primary" things *how to level up fast *how to make gold fast If this two solved, we can start our journey to collecting equip and item. Lets begin from the first one. As a beginner, its so hard to level up like in past. You can buy 100% exp for a cheap price. 1-80 still easy. 80-90 is moderate. You will start struggle at 90-105 even with Date Dungeon things. You need level up faster? Only 2 ways Paid booster and buy expensive Exp item. No free way to makr it fast???? The good news is, Our Developers have make daily reward system which you can get free 100% exp and 30% (cons its need 11 days and 29 days login to get 1 each exp 100% and 23 days for 1 30% exp item) but do we deserve to wait that long??. (SUGGESTION II. - Please add 1 or 2 free exp 100% and 1 exp 30% on beginner box. I think this is not ruin the game mechanism, even with 100% exp you still need a lot of efforts to level up 90-105). Okay lets get to second topics. How to make gold faster? This is the second problem the newbie must struggle after the exp problem. As we known since this game released "NERA HARBOUR IS A GOLD MINE and always be". but nowadays people just use it as bridge to level up their character and this place slowly forgotten. No KS things again XD this place completely empty All i can say, this is really a good place for newbie to earn gold since the easy and low spesification of equipment. You need only 270 eva for rogue and 2.800 pdef for fighter and mage (CMIW) which is really easily to complete. The main source of the problem is the price of the item drop too low for nowadays trend and map drops. only 1,5m-2,5m/item. Simply average 110m-160m/runs. You need 70 runs just to buy BWL. Not worthy to spend time here in my opinion. (SUGGESTION III - IF IT POSSIBLE, INCREASE THE ITEM DROP PRICE A LIL BIT HIGHER. 3-5M/ITEM WILL BE OKAY, ESTIMATION 300M-350M/RUNS. FAIR ENOUGH?? BY THIS AMOUNT OF EARN, THE EXPENSIVE ITEM MAY SEEM WORTH IT WITH THAT PRICE) There are some benefit from rising this Nera Harbour spot again. This is it 1. Easy gold earning and exp earning for newbie 2. People will no longer stuck on just Rogue class for farming at sahel and oasis..people will build the class they like and There will be more class variation. 3. Relate to number 2, Since more class variation exist. All low class equipment such as gardener set, faust, holy armor etc. Will get their price again. 4.KS report will be exist again :p 5.(you can imagine it) (Other Misc Suggestion (Not Primary). 1.Make Map travel to Howling Cave 1-2, this is the best place to leveling 75-85 which take along trip to depth of the cave 2.Make a Class job tree explanation section window in game. So the newbie would know what path they gonna choose. Especially the "job passive" things. Not many people know this 3.(you can add by yourself) I think that's enough for Newbie Help Thanksssssssss and God bless You
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