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  1. i saw some but i never soul earrings. also my crusader gear is actually same as my sister? also what about shield we using aias but other shield is better? like RAS and crystal snowflake shield.
  2. we got akuma staff now yay! i wanna ask something again? my sis should use light armor over cloth at lv135 right? and what about accessory like belt neck earrings rings? thank you
  3. what about staff? my sis is playin soul arbitor. what should she use? she's lvl 120+ now we still use crafted staff coz it's so hard to buy. i read medusa is good but no one sell that to me. akuma is the best one but it's really expensive i cant afford it. also could u please guide me about all slot in equipment for us (crusader and soul arbitor)? all guide in here is so old im confused about gear. thank you again.
  4. what is the best mace for crusader tho? is it corrupted branch?
  5. is holy touch skill still bug?
  6. what stats should i go for? like full int and some vit stuff on gear? or just all vit? thx
  7. what about bein crusader. can crusader tank and do some magic damage?
  8. hey im really new here i wanna play elf paladin. im looking for many many guide and im still confused about it since all guide is like 5 years ago so.. i wanna be pure tank coz i play with my friend thx in advance :)
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