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  1. Hei Antoni. Can i ask you?

    1. Antoni77


      oh sorry I just read this... what do you want to ask?

  2. I got a drop winning powder from Fairy Queen. Then craft it into a ring. Does anyone know how much the ring costs? The shape is similar to Hathor. But the ring is level 72. And the status I chose for the ring is DEX +10 and WIS +5
  3. Hi I'm newbie. I want to ask about Fairy Queen boss at valley fairy. Where is the Fairy Queen's spawn place? I've been looking around to find it but I never came across. And in the Howling Ravline map there is a Grappler boss. Many say the Grappler is close spawn Laitou , but I've never come across Grappler either. Please let me know if you find out. Thank you
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