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  1. u can use spawn items ( Example: the one hour bag spawn halloween, etc events spawns notthe monster type ) that not just 1 hit kill to drop event prizes like you can make them strong a bit and need like 2-3 to get the kill at least share some prize drop on group or at least dont make them the most faster player on the event get the lots of prize, i have see like is all about on event latetly it will be fun to like share the killing hunt not just first come first serve ( the feel like let the weaks one have some too ) or is ok if not but some kind of mechanic that allow more dificult not just 1 hit kill/ and also make variable on craft items like 2-5 kinds of armors of the same name ( we can use same image of any unpopular armor just change the stat and level use) but with diferrent stats, also weapons, shields and some face items may come handy and try not to make to much of the itms 7days rate when openning bags since is useless to have like 100 bags open to get like 60 head acces. 7days and no space to save but instead like stuff kind as candy way to boost exp, stats etc, or even just materials to craft items to craft the special kind of armor sets u want from the event , just some little idea that could work or may some similar way to work. thanks mate!!
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