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  1. bukannya yang di NH itu maximal lv 90 ya?
  2. i see that your point of view. i just doing sugest and hope your response. Appreciate. have good day sir.
  3. Up to ur needs. GTX Vga can use for work tho..
  4. Wow! @Orange i think we need some ads for spread to social media ^^
  5. I think CLO game engine like control, animation, skills animation, skills sound animation, map music sound overall is good. but i think will be great if upgrade the game engine for more comfortable and more gaming experience. So, theres my idea : 1. Add costumize control WASD for moving chara. 2. View point can't moving through NPC or Object. 3. Multiple sell option. 4. Locked item and gear. I hope CLO admin can look my suggest, and give response. thank you for your attention.
  6. can't, but not sure all boss getting immune. I am just can confirmed from discord chat and from hunt. so there the Immune boss list: *Event boss(Immune), *Special boss(Immune), *NormalBoss(?), *DungeonBoss(?). **(?), mean untested because im haven't check yet.
  7. this topic is outdated i guest.
  8. this is will good if doing farming with party. olso why waste time to farm this mob if you can farm bossing using this tank.. :D
  9. trading is fastest way for getting rich. maybe you can start analysis market. then you will see the chance.
  10. today KULAK part is not much when lock down time. Idk for ordinary ppl. but for me im just doing phillo for gold. other things like HQ and Mflame craft is more good than doing farming.
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