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  1. [Indonesia] Halo Semuanya, Gue cuman mau sampein keresahan gue tentang Game Celestia Luna Online [celes] , Maaf ya gue bilang gini, jadi tuh celes terlalu sepi playernya dan gamenya udah agak tua. Silahkan kalian nilai sendiri. sekian. [English] Hello All, I want share my anxiety about Games Celestia Luna Online [celes]. Sry guys this game are old now, and the community is very quiet. That's All.
  2. i havent done :) maybe at some moment ^^.... ups forgot.. greetings..
  3. Maybe if all dark when cooldown and colored when ready.
  4. If you more curious about job tree try check this link: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/forum/19-media/
  5. Sorry just give example for rogue job. If want create Farmer go to: AR,BT,Entrap,Or TM. If want for PVP: AR,BT,Or TM. I just know and playying Rogue..
  6. mglue buat craft item tipe light armor kak. seperti Baju, tangan, dan sepatu. Tpi tipenya light armor.. Udah buat itu aja.
  7. Sir, please Rudolph Horn and Nouse is tradeable because that full my warehouse and become useless 🙏
  8. This is a completely Tutorial. I permission to added this thread to my post.
  9. Hello guys, This post will explain How to making Magical Flame. So, for making Magical Flame, you need material that construc. there is Magical Powder and Flame stone, . But i will share 2 Method for doing that. . How to make Magical Flame Or Magical Glue Cheap way: 1. Buying Neckle lv 15 in tasartia, Alker Harbour in bag 3. 2. Open skill tab. 3. Open Action tab, Click or use Destruc Skill. 4. Drag Neck. 5. Destruct, You will get 9 Magic Powder. 6. If you want make Magical Flame, then buy Flame stone in tasartia on Bag 2,tasartia. 7. If you want make Magical Glue, then buy High Quality Glue Leather on Bag 2,tasartia. . This method is commonly method in old time, and this is an outdated method. But this method easy to use and need low level requirement, just lv 30 you can do this things and collect gold. . so, will share the new method. . How to Make Magical Flame Effective way: 1. Go to Sahel. 2. Trade with Merchant NPC Sahel. 3. Buying Neckle Lv 115 in bag 2. 4. Open skill tab. 5. Open Action tab, Click or use Destruc Skill. 6. Drag Neck. 7. Destruct, You will obtain Magical Solvent. 8. Destruct Magical Solvent, you will get 10 Magic Powder. 9. If you want make Magical Flame, then buy Flame stone in tasartia on Bag 2,tasartia. 10. If you want make Magical Glue, then buy High Quality Glue Leatheron Bag 2, tasartia. . This method is better because can save much time, Cost a little bag inventory, Easy for repeating task, and and easy to keep on warehouse too, But this method require Character Lv 110. . So thats all what i know about updated method for craft/make/making Magical Flame. . I will added Update if i found new method. . Please Give this post a react, comment, upvote, like, or star. . If you interestedIf you are interested in reading my other posts, please visit this following link:
  10. coba cek itemnya di item mall storage.
  11. iya kak sama sama, aku minta likenya aja hihihi 😂
  12. kalau skillnya bekerja dengan normal harusnya pakai 1H wand enggak masalah. ouh ya saya sudah dapat solusinya. Item yang kamu pakai mulai dari baju,tangan,dan kaki harus bertipe Light armor nanti akan bekerja dengan normal. sumber : https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/31430-light-armor-expertise-doesnt-work-in-mages/
  13. Sudah saya bantu jawab di post kamu yang pertama. coba jangan spam.
  14. 1. Coba sertakan ScreenShootnya supaya lebih detail kelihatan semua equipment kamu, dan kalau bisa sertakan skill passivnya, supaya lebih detail dan jelas. 2. Untuk mekanisme ini tidak ada perubahan. Hanya tombol "Enter" berfungsi ketika kamu beli/jual item dalam jumlah banyak. Yaitu item yang bersift stack sampai 100pcs, sementara kalau item bersifat 1 slot mekanisme "Enter" tidak berfungsi karena alasan keamanan dari human eror yang suka jual item secara tak sengaja. Sekian.
  15. So, i was started play CLO at 2020th, at that time i targeting to collect much gols for buyying item. I doing HQ Maker because easy to do and cost low gold, i do this because i just have 100m gold. I do HQ Maker for 3 mouth at moment i also do buying cheap item and sell it normal price or higher, some people call it "KULAK". after 6 mounth doing that all, i finally can half completed item for farm at NH, i thought farm at NH is bad idea because gold collect from selling drop item is too low for that time where inflation attack market. So i decided doing booster for collect gold. But at this time i found interesting project, so at this time i was collecting many material for crafting Greater Angel Wings, because i start collect gold from trade item to player, i more enjoy than do booster level. so my focus in CLO are changging from collecting much gold to enjoy adventure at celestia luna, nah for gold i got much too from selling material item. At same time i doing phillo item too, that fun for try my luck and some time got good option and some time worse. At same time too i try to making some weapon that i enchant for my self.. i dont forget i was enchanted +13 Venom Dagger for first time using FAS at Ruin Draconian, i just use 1 FAS.. how lucky newbie.. hehehe. after 6 mount i try to making Sahel Farmer Chara for doing boosting, Collecting material, Hunting Boss, and event stuff. Now..., at end 2021 i trully know today... ** ah more information about "KULAK" Im enjoing it, but i thought that bad because worse time and bad attitude because i try buy as cheap as i can but after that i sell it higher as i can i thought that treat domino effect, so player who suspect me they got envy at me and a little of them try "KULAK" Too, the truth why i not doing KULAK again till now.. that is... More content i will add soon
  16. This is link for the story for my adventure on celestia luna:
  17. maybe in middle Desember, thats will winter event
  18. I want sharing my 2 year with this server. Maybe this not too good to be a guide, but i just want sharing maybe that help someplayer with this gameplay, for more reason for sharing that tips worth for today, because maybe many tips that not work today. 1. If you trully newbie and need to get gold from game for collecting your item, you can do: -Making Magical Flame,Magical Glue: That is boring task to do, for the reason because you need much time for destructing some material and buy some material from NPC after that you craft the item that can to sell to player, This a cheap way to collect much gold, today 1 slot is worth 2B Gold. Guide for Making Mflame: -Making HQ: Making HQ was known as HQ maker. Making HQ is tired task, because your finger must clicking constantly for buyying material craft from NPC. and if you doing HQ order the player who order from you sometimes can't patient and some time doing multiple order. But this is worth for reason today for rainbow HQ 1 slot is 50-100m. and cost gold much more than Making Mflame. Guide for HQ Maker: -Collect Event Item: This task is easy and effective you just need hunt event item. 2. Immediately user: -Phillo Item: This task just buying philoshoper stone and grant to item. Try your luck and if get option is good research for item value that worth to sell.. so far, this task can collect much gold. but cost much gold. Please Give this post response, like, upvote, or thanks. More content i will add soon, because i have many work.
  19. Cool i like cape design.. like pro adventure cape.
  20. So.. i want added some ideas that hopefully will help. 1. For increase the feeling of event add mechanism map that give abnormal status player -ms, -hp, -attack speed, because cold.. i call this <Map Event Field> this gona happen to all map that have <Snow> on the map, and player can be die of this if in hunt map, but at neutral zone player HP just stuck at 1, this can be cure with support skill but easly comeback because continue effect. 2. Add some consume item that can remove <Map Field> effect, that consume item can be drop from event monster but cant easly to get and for <Gold Burning> of course this aspect must get on, player can buy this consume item easy on npc but price is 100M/pcs. 3. I thought increase field boss <Ice Queen> power, why? Because his just have good defend and health, if tankie player in the front she easly can be taken, i thought as a field boss he must be eggresive more than normal boss, must be not just have good defend and health.. but must be have good skill to take down many player.. the power i mean is more field skill like <Boss Field> that can -player deff, give some -hp, and -attack speed. beacuse too cold even in event map have <Map Field> but <Boss Field> more dangerous that cant be remove use consume item, and besides <Boss Field> she must be have 2-3 AOE skill that can deal dmg to all player give more abnormally status, and that skill is unique not same like player skill, but for this all risk <Ice Queen> stats deffend must be lower 1-10% than now, so player can kill <Ice Queen>. 4. Add some quest to grind event monster and can be get some crafted item special event ( item not that special just like item crafted normally but this special using event material... like new item that can be craft.. but stats is same like normal...). 5.Add some crafted item from material that special which only be obtained from this event. 6. Npc on Nera Harbour just move them to a less monster area because it's a bit troublesome if they get eliminated during the event. 7. Add low chance to get stocking from event monster. 8. Add low maybe (0.0001%) chance to get <Ice Queen> As a Pet.. why? Because <Ice Queen> is a pretty monster and will be cool if some player can tame <Ice Queen> as a pet, and for making <Ice Queen> as a pet need unique material that drop from event, From <Ice Queen> is core, other material from other monster and for magic to tame <Ice Queen> use npc power that can be earn from quest too. 9. Add monster shard that can sumon winter monster or that normal shard that can sumon normal monster. 10. Add <Monster Field> that can be cure with support skill.. and abnormal status from <Monster Field> is lower than <Map Field>. 11. This is just suggestion because not related to event. Soo for pet mecanism like: unique pet, uncommon pet, or pet mall. that status and skill can be different because his dropped or i like to call Tamed from some monster of course his can have same ability/skill too. Or maybe just unique/mall pet that have good ability/skill to show their value and for get ability/skill maybe for unique pet that crafted from monster drop player need farm the monster that drop pet and hunt it many with pet as partner after that pet can copy the skill and for unique pet mall can be add optional quest that relate to pet background. And all of pet quest able to get from npc who selling pet. thats all my idea.. Thanks #edited
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    I thought your can transfer to Paypal from Google Pay, and buy Gems with that... or buying another credit payment using Paypal.
  22. its old but gold. Wow you are amazing.. hehe
  23. Want hunt together? Wm or note: Democritus, thats my ign.
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