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  1. Bumping this suggestion to see what the staff thinks of it!
  2. That's not true at all. The problem is not just the evasion (you can easily hit 400 with warriors as well), the problem is the damage rogues can do (fire bomb, magic arrow) regardless of their build. I recently built a Sniper and I was hitting 30k crit with A SINGLE-TARGET musket skill, while the fire bomb was doing almost 70k crit dude. I did the same with a Destroyer. I went eva build expecting its damage-outpout was gonna be similar to the bomb's, but to my surprise, I was barely hitting 25-30k crit. Also no, such change won't break the game, how is that even gonna happen? Rogues can 2shot everything, what's gonna change if the group monsters turned soloable?? They'd 1shot them instead, no big deal. Plus, limiting the amount of monsters you can lure using evasion doesn't change anything either, the broken damage & ridiculously high mov. speed rogues can get is still there.
  3. These two links are all you need to plan your path: But if you still need the skill calculator for whatever reason here's the download link (uploaded it myself just now so it's safe Ig): [Link removed - third party links are not allowed on the forums] In order to use it you have to: 1. Download & Install Firefox v50 (an old version, you look for that on Google). 2. Download & Install Silverlight (look for that on Google as well). 3. Open the Skill Calculator on Firefox and hit "Always Allow/Run Silverlight" from this box:
  4. I know, but more so than party, my concern is the fact that you can only grind using rogues/pd/edited items lol. If only all classes were able to farm gold as efficiently as rogues do, the game would be, imo, way more enjoyable thanks to that variety. I mean there is no way a rogue should be able to hit "group monsters" for 100k while receiving no damage at all. Then you have the actual Warrior Classes that can't even come close to that lol. You either pick damage or defense, you can't do both (and boi did I try). Idk, it's just annoying to see how broken rogues are. They don't have an issue with skill points cus you can get all the skills you need, you can get 400 evasion easily, hit 100k per aoe just fine, and so on. Also, there is no way a MMORPG will increase the party rates, that just makes no sense. What happens with newer MMORPGS and other genres is that people must party in order to complete certain quests and then rush to late-game, that's all.
  5. Do you guys think this would be possible? They're "group monsters" for a reason I get it but like, the game has 0 party cus people don't do party like that; all they want is fill their inventory as soon as possible and move on. And it's also unnecessary cus every rogue class (except for Sniper) can solo them just fine lol venom needle, emerald glider+12, easy 400 evasion and there you have it, a farming character that also has extortion, so the "group" aspect doesn't really apply to them. Shouldn't rogues struggle the most against these? Considering they even have a buff that increases drop rate. I'm just suggesting this because before sahel & parasus, any class could farm Nera just fine, you could enjoy any class with no issues; but now if you wanna grind for some gold you gotta go rogue/edit or you're screwed. pd: I'm talking about monsters only, not bosses-
  6. Yeah this would be really cool tbh, I've always wanted mini pets to be a thing lol. I'll add my idea to your suggestion, see what you think of it. You know how the current system makes you kill monsters endlessly until you hit that 1% rate? I was thinking maybe it could be better & more interactive if we had to kill the bosses instead, drop "pet pieces" (let's say 10 pieces or so, not at 100% rate ofc) of the corresponding boss, and then exchange them for an egg through an NPC or something (like the xmas stuff, halloween etc).
  7. How did you get to this conclusion? I don't see any reduction on the drop % even when I'm exactly15 levels higher.
  8. I know right haha coming back to the game was a pain for me; the prizes were crazy high, lots of new items as well- now the real question is, are newbies even going to come across this post? Lol- I hope so, since that was the main reason why I shared it. >:0
  9. The only workaround to this is making multiple clients (copy & paste the game's folder) and send shortcuts of each one to your desktop and rename them to your character's name I guess lol- I use this for fishing/selling/buffing accounts; I run them in the lowest resolution, different UI colors, no sound no nothing so I don't get them mixed up. That said, such feature would be nice ngl.
  10. Hey guys- For a few weeks I've been writing down the name & price of items that players buy/sell every day and every so often. I did this mainly for me and my friends so we wouldn't need to keep re-checking stores on Nera every single day just so we could keep track of the prices to know how much to sell & buy items for. But I thought I'd share it here- might come in handy for other people as well. NOTE that I didn't just write down prices I thought were "fair". The prices you see are based on Nera Stores & Megaphones. On Nera you'll mostly see the "overpay" side of it, or between cheap & overpay. For example, if the item says 100m ~ 200m, people would often sell it for 150m, which is somewhat okay, decent pricing; but you'll also see people going crazy with the prices and selling said item for 400m/500m, reason why I made this; to avoid meself headaches tryna guess which price is okay. **the "GEAR" sheet is really kind of experimental- and I might get rid of it later** I plan on keeping this sheet updated for as long as I stay here- the sheet is currently set as "view only" 'cause the server is, unfortunaley, full of trolls. But if you like this idea and you know prices that I didn't add, feel free to leave it in the comments so I can update them. **YOU DON'T HAVE to use this sheet if you don't want to. This is mostly for newcomers & lazy people like me who don't wanna learn/remember the prices. I'M NOT trying to set official prices nor am I telling you how much you should sell your items for, I'm just tryna keep me trades organized, which might help others as well*** Link to the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YquLQ5RDbMz9PRuP2qmmw3Dyt_h2sjlJnGqFcNr7Ls0 not completely sure if this is the right place to post this- apologies b4hand.
  11. ^this. Start from the last job. If you wanna take Blade Taker, check what attacks/passives/buffs (and levels for each one) it gets, then decide what the other jobs should be to benefit more from them. Also take a look at this thread so you can plan the most optimal path:
  12. I don't know if this bug was ever reported, I already tried using the search function and couldn't find it soo, I apologize b4hand. The bug is actually pretty simple to trigger and happens quite often if you're not paying attention. If you talk to an npc and try opening their store while they're not actually targeted (the highlight under their feet) your game will crash. Target/Highlighted: Non-highlighted (will crash your game if you open the store like this)
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