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  1. ow if they put it here it would be great
  2. I didn't see any visible changes but OK, I'll remove it from the list. And nope Panzer has no Musket Related AoEs. The only AoE it can get is Sword Storm.
  3. Well I just thought about gathering this under-loved Musket wielding jobs together and put all of their existing issues into one basket for future reference. Hope it helps for when the bugs get fixed :) Panzer: 1. Still not sure if this is bug or not but Panzer's range is much shorter than Sniper. 2. No Musket skill icons, the closest thing to an icon is a flower picture used for Panzer's Iron Night. This includes all Musket Passives. 3. Musket Training > No damage increase. This hurts Panzer's damage output by a lot. Sniper: 1. Musket Range > Or Pistol Range doesn't actually increase attack range. 2. Musket Training > Like Panzer, Sniper's Musket Training does not increase attack damage, though Sniper doesn't suffer as much as Panzer does because of higher critical rate. 3. No Musket Skill icons: Same with Panzer none of Sniper's Musket skills have proper icons. 4. Telescopic Musket Scope > Range increasing buff, but once again it does not affect Sniper's attack range. 5. Fast Reload > While it was provided to help with Sniper's casting speed it can only be cast when the Sniper is holding a bow instead of Musket. If there are other bugs my apologies for not including them. My Guides on Sniper and Panzer include the actual icons, I wonder if that helps?
  4. this contest is not over yet is it? by the way is this just like for "winning" the contest or the winners have their costume designed in-game?
  5. Ah no! That's horrible path >.< I've seen the victims of taking such a path. The only way you can make this work is that you forget dual wielding because most of Blade Taker skills cannot be used with dual daggers unless you use Treasure Hunter from 75-105. You either can go Blade Taker but stick to single dagger wield or go Entrapper which is specifically a single wield 105 job. Treasure Hunter would be the better choice because first of all well they have extortion which means more drops and also they have Hunter Blast and Hunter Smoke which is not a dagger relying skill meaning you can use them no matter what you are wielding. By the way Entrapper is the direct job change of Treasure Hunter which means they have a higher level of Hunter Blast/Extortion.
  6. Well I have a sniper and if Panzer is anything like sniper then I think it won't be a good class. Since you will need to spend a lot on the character to get decent damage. But if you still want to try I say choose an elf and go Rune Knight instead of Knight, you know just to have an additional ranged stun skill (Rune Impact) because it's a stun that doesn't miss. You'll also get the auras
  7. I've heard Panzers have a bug with their skills I think you better look into Panzer skills before considering making one.
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