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  1. indeed seems i miscalculated something. panzer doens't have Increase HP i need re-think the job for now, and stick to my cardinal for while. the magic damage never miss afterall.
  2. hi, i will be fill some of Celestia luna wiki with some basic data, hope you don't mind, my wikia id is faustwither.

  3. hail bio, when u gonna visit a game? i gonna play again because my pc broke

  4. thank you guys, i think i gonna create a panzer with sword since solid weapon lv 4 seems good and all benefint from armor bonus, my IGN will be Axeins
  5. hii i been wandering through forum i know the content still classic, but does there any fix on skill and i have big question about skill "damage over time" based, since i gonna create stun lock tanker. if you had, please insert the link bellow(because it might be burried somewhere)
  6. welp now i know what i gonna spend my money next month, btw does the skill improved? like dual not bug anymore and you can use gun?
  7. around six years, thx for the answer what you can buy with 1.3~1.7b? how much price for pixus?
  8. been fourtyfiveyear i'm not play the game, everything seems confuse me can i ask about added Features, price of an item like pukerian lolipop, does good lower leveling still on dungeon date? i just gonna create RK with basis high deffense now if this post is in wrong section, please remove this post to it to right section.
  9. Bro <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Fauza

    Now Playing???

    My Chemical Romance - Desolation row Audio Slave - Cochise Disturbed - God of The Mind try it try it :D
  11. Fauza

    Show Yourself!

    i was, then i tried using glasses it become HD :D here pic... again...
  12. obviously spamming so obviosly...
  13. hiii sorani ejoy your stay
  14. i got warning for my post, (was.)
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