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    why are you commenting an ad on my post lol go make your own post
  2. Sorcz


    BUYING : V.neck eva20+ = 50b G.boot eva20+ = 50b Belt of power clean/strike9+ Phantasmal ms45+ Dark element ms45+ SELLING: Clockwork 4/4 = 45b Demon set (big wings) = 50b Mercenary 5/5 = 40b Pharoah set = 20b Angel wings pd = 90b ***T>HCD+14 strike20.1 eva10.3 = HCD+14 eva25+[p] note : Belledeth/Dorkgenesis
  3. Sorcz

    1 question

    erm 1 question guyz o.o after limit DD,wut time does the DD reset? it says 12.00 a.m,but i saw the Celestia Luna clock and it was 12.00 a.m but still havent reset.i tried 1-2 hours later still havent reset.help? xD thx
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