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  1. iEmz

    SM V.S Mag

    If I go full vit/vit philo 2h Ax/Sword (You can recommend otherwise but your playstyle isn't mine, keep that in mind.) What's the major difference between these two classes in skills alone? I mean if you go elf either way, which is of course recommended on either path... If you end up using Auras in either path... What's the major difference here? I just want to know the difference between these 105 classes themselves not hear that it depends on the path you take. I'm already quite aware of that, but thanks for your concern. You go one path you're all damage, another path your all defense and the last path and you're 50/50 (which I prefer) Paths aside, what's the difference between Sword Master & Magnus? Thanks.
  2. lolololol Hello and thanks! HELL-come? Did I just step into hell or something? o_o
  3. I'm just here to play the game and possibly make friends while doing so. Don't ask me anything personal, you won't get an answer. I don't even really see the Date Dungeon as anything more than another dungeon. Don't get serious with me, because I'm anything but lolxD Emz 22 Female Florida (USA) I enjoy playing Pure Vit 2h Magnus. Every other class somewhat bores me because I enjoy the AoE tanking overall without having to be a magic class. I only speak and understand English. I'm German and Spanish, but can't speak it at all. I'm 100% American raised by a Spanish family and no, I'm not adopted. I don't like when people try to give me advice on how to be a better person, worry about yourself, not me. I never beg people for stuff in games, so don't beg me for my hard earned items. I have very little interest in PvP, and honestly only play to spend time with my loved ones in an MMO. Loved Ones = Friends and Family A few things considerably negative about me is that I won't ever sugarcoat my words for people I don't know. I see no point in beating around the bush with anything, and will be highly bold/forward. I don't know how to say yes or no, you should never ask me anything whatsoever if you don't want a highly detailed response. (I'm honestly not joking; if you don't want to spark a conversation don't ask me anything lol...) Lastly and possibly most importantly is that I'm a total perfectionist and nothing is ever complete in my eyes. (Yes, this becomes a major gold problem for me while gaming lol...) OH and I honestly don't deem this a problem lol.... but many people are offended by how much of a smartass I am, so you've been warned xD I'm a chatterbox. I don't need inspiration to be outgoing. If you want to know more about me or just to simply chat and get to know each other then just message me on the forum. Please note that the one and only language I am capable of both speaking and understanding is English. I'm very laid back and arguably careless in most scenarios. If you beat me in PvP I'll shrug and move onto my leveling, I have no pride in anything I do. I just do it, like NIKE! O: I'll see you around in game lol.
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