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  1. awww... it means i have to make it again with photoshop.. ==
  2. sorry ^^".. http://s1233.photobucket.com/albums/ff397/chaneolivia/?action=view&current=271267_231395566885781_100000460195083_792614_5894883_o.jpg
  3. i wanna join,, but please dont laugh at me >.< this mine.. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=231395566885781&set=a.127267407298598.16425.100000460195083&type=1&theater am i have to send the male design to?
  4. may I just use a pencil instead? because I can not use adobe, etc
  5. huh? Whys that? O:

  6. YueYing

    TM help XD

    really?? ohh.. sorry.. i have asked a silly things about it.. my bad..
  7. YueYing

    TM help XD

    uhhh... i got dizzy with my TM if u dual wielding, so u cannot use shield right? then, ur shield boomerang have no use...
  8. ummmm.... i'm Kong ming's wife. not zhuge liang's.. lol..
  9. hello...


    zee.. my TM was failed,,

  10. YueYing has no profile comments yet. Why not

    say hello?

    Hello ._.

  11. TM? Which one , Dex or Str better to be a TM? because there was a critical penalty..
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