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  1. @Orange: For Entraper Skills... there is 2 Fire Trap, 1 of the is supposedly "Ice Trap", correct?
  2. Video Celestia Luna Update Agustus 2023 selamat menonton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaaTkwBNxMU
  3. There is New Update about Musket Training has been Fixed and increase our Physical Attack higher than before. Because of this, I make new Sniper from Human to show you the Musket Damages is so Powerful now. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching :)
  4. the Target works normal for me, it's seems the "target" means "your Dating partner" (maybe is just a tooltip bug, need to change this so people not miss-understood) :')
  5. ah sorry, I was miss-understood because you said "shift+drag"... xD
  6. for point number 2... you mean divide item's numbers? I remember that actually we can press ALT+ CLick Drag the item (that has total numbers on it) to the empty slot. example: Ruby 100, we can press ALT+Click it and Drag it to the empty slot and input the numbers that we want to divide like 99 and the Ruby will be divided into 1 Ruby and 99 Ruby... (I didn't recognize your suggestion because you said it as "Split amount with Shift+Click Drag", sorry and I hope this info help you guys, I am actually already create "Guide For Newbe" long time ago along with the feature Divide Item's Numbers, but it's seems the Guide is gone?)
  7. I will just co-pas some of Suggestions I wrote already from Discord to this topic as reminder... 1.) Can I request / suggest for Mana Storm to become free weapon requirement skill? because I don't know the reason why we need using Sword only just for Increase Max MP? I mean... Fast Reload is must Bow, because is increase Physical Attack Speed of Arrow's Attacks Elastic Bow is must Bow, because is increase Arrow's Range Attack Panzer Reloading is must Musket because Reloading Increase Physical Attack Speed and Musket Skill's fast Cooldown and Sniper Scoop is must Musket because it can increase Musket Range Attack... but what is Mana Storm connection with Sword??? I don't understand hehehehe... 2.) Talk about Two-Handed Axe, may I suggest something? I remember there is 2 Two-Handed Axe both have same name "Ancient Axe" first is Blue rarity Level 32, and the second is Red rarity Level 62 (both of them are from Lucky Box 77) my suggestion is: it is okay to change the name 1 of them? example "Antique Axe" Level 32... or something like that? 3.) Talk about Criticals, it is Destroyer's Buff Fatal Force is already fixed? because I don't see the difference of my Critical Rates nor even my Critical Damages (on same monster) my suggestion is: it is okay? to make Fatal Force as Buff Critical Rates instead, but it's changed to become Self-Buff because Destroyer already have Critical Damages from Passive Rage Burst, so I think is good idea to make Fatal Force effect to become increase Critical Rates 4.) Change / switch each other the names of the Class Mages -change Grand Master (Level 105) to become "Elemental Master", because they are the real Master of Elemental Magics -change Elemental Master (Elf only Level 75) to become "Rune Master", because is the name Elemental Master is mislead the newbe players due the fact this Job Elf only Level 75 is actually support job and not have any Elemental Magic Skills either. (sad) Also, is usually Job Elf only Level 75 have Rune on their name, example: Rune Knight (Fighter), and Rune Walker (Rogue) -change the Rune Master (Elf only Level 105) to become "Grand Sage". Well the reason is easy, Grand Master's acronym is GM and that's breaking rule if we saying "I am GM" (hahaha) so why we not change the name to "Grand Sage" instead? Sage is Job Mage that is good on Supports too, right? That's all of my Suggestion for now, thanks for the Admins making the Celestia Luna to become great Luna Online game... 'w' b
  8. wind breaking level 15, I usually only use Shadow Spin Level 5, Back Break Level 5, Hunter Blast Bomb Max, Hunter Smoke Bomb Max, if you have still SP, you can use Luna Online Skill Calculator to calculates your SP consumed for each skills I also suggesting Rapid Slash Level 15, Stealth Level 5 is enough for me, Sudden Raid Level 5
  9. that is not possible, I agree with Orange said that maybe some of players are trying to fighting Fairy Queen but they are running away and lure Fairy Queen to other spot, they do this so they can farming on that zone more safety... because if we killed her, she might be Respawn again for another hours later... xD
  10. my Human SwordsMaster path is from Knight, you will get good defense too from Heavy Armor Expertise and Blessing Guard have Speeds from Armor Synchro and Weapon Synchro, also more Attack Power from Solid Weapon
  11. Silahkan di cek guide untuk para Newbe Player... Guide untuk lokasi-lokasi Boss di Celestia Luna Online
  12. Guide Boss Locations from Map Alker's Gate to Map Dark Portal It's Playlist Videos, so you can click next (>l) or Shift+N to watch the next video feel free to asking the questions... (and I am sorry some of videos have miss-writing/typos on the text) xD
  13. as long as I know, the skill that Increase Critical Damages from Assassin is Buff Predator and as long as I remember Buff Predator, it's only works for Dagger Weapon... xD (or I am just too old to remember and I might be mistaken)... >w< did your friend already testing Sniper from Assassin and already testing the Critical Damages from Predator? :')
  14. from Treasure Hunter of course, I don't find any good reasons why we need to pick Assassin> Sniper, there is no benefit from it... xD
  15. I don't saying anything about damages, what I means is their play style skills and they have protection aura for the party if you want damages... buy high damages equipment and items... xD
  16. I think Special Bosses like Evil Golem, Black Gargoyle, Harpy Queen, Salam, and Fairy Queen has some of Buggs and maybe this is make them not affected well with Attract Skills... well sorry I can't explain it with English... xD
  17. Sniper is always good from TH, maybe they told you from Assassin because is guide from other Luna Online? Sniper with Musket will need high Physical Attack and good Physical Atk Speed too on PVP and Guild War :)
  18. I think Knight> Magnus is still good choice with Two-Handed Sword :) But you can also consider Rune-Knight> Panzer too, because Panzer still can be played with Two-Hander Sword too... xD
  19. yeah, long time ago Sonic Boom is none Weapon Requirement Skills, so we can use Sonic Boom too with Axe it was considered as bugg and Sonic Boom later has been fixed to Swords only :)
  20. dont play with Pet on DD, Pet has some Bug on DD...
  21. Yes, Holy Spike is not AoE Skill, it's Single Target Skill... (sad) the skill Description maybe wrong translate from Korea to English long time ago (can be considered as Tooltip Bug)
  22. thanks admin, this is already fixed on big update august 2018, please move it to Section "Fixed"...
  23. pake imgur, upload gambarnya ke imgur terus nanti kamu dapat link, copy linknya terus paste ke postingan kamu ya dan bikin judul singkat aja, jangan isi postingan kamu jadikan judul terus judul kamu jadikan isi postingan, kebalik dong
  24. good video tips from me: you can press ctrl+number buttons to use your buff on your secondary Shortcut button. so you can use Buffs more efficiently without clicking them
  25. video baru dari saya, Special Halloween playing Necromancer
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