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  1. yes I am agree about that idea too <3
  2. Happy 10th Anniversary Celestia Luna New Video from my Youtube Channel... enjoy... 'w' / if you found this Video get Blocked and cannot be played, please let me know by message me, or contact me on my facebook Antonius Michael Agus
  3. thank you so much for responding, I'm now feel really relieve for our Admins reading my post and fast respond <3 hahahaha yeah, I just want to sharing what is on my mind only
  4. Hello everyone, it is me Antonius, also known as Antoni77 on this post I want to share what is on my mind about Luna Online and I hope it can help this game improvement in near future (if this post can be considered as Suggestion? please move it, because actually this post is only about sharing what is on our mind) feel free to discuss, asking question and also you can share what is on your mind about Luna Online too... so yeah here we go... 1.) No VITALITY buff? we all know that Fighter Heart is for STR, Zephyr is for DEX, Bless Intelligent for INT, and Bless Wisdom is for WIS but how about VIT? we not have to increase VIT on Luna Online? "Antoni we have Bless Vital on Monk / Inquirer / Soul Arbiter?" well, bless Vital is only increase Max HP so is not increase our VIT, same like Mana Storm to increase Max MP maybe we place this buff on Job Guard/ Infantryman/ Phalanx/ Paladin/ Crusader only? just say the name is "Fighter Vitality"? Increase VIT by 10? hehehehe Guard level 2 Fighter Vitality (increase VIT+20), Infantryman Level 4, Phalanx Level 6, Crusader Level 6, Paladin Level 8 well something like that... 2.) change the Mage Class Job's name? we know about mage has Grand Master, Elemental Master, and Rune Master but I think their name are off and it's feels like their name are switched each other... so supposedly we change their name Job, so it will not make the Newcomer not mistaken of their name. >Grand Master (Level 105, the next job of Warlock) change it with "Elemental Master" instead, because this Job are the Master of Elemental Magics. >Elemental Master (Level 75, Mage ELF only) change it with "Rune Mentor?", we know that all Level 75 ELF only Job has "Rune" on their name (Rune Knight, Rune Walker) and Mentor is same means as Master too. >Rune Master (Level 105, Mage ELF only the next job of Elemental Master), change it with "Grand Sage?", because if we acronym Grand Master it's become "GM", (oh wait I am not the GM hehehehe), and also "Sage" is also same means as Great-Master too. 3.) some skills are missing on the Next Job that's supposedly they have it too? info: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33777-job-skills-guide/ >Knight is the next Job of Swordsman, but by default Knight only get skills Sonic Boom and Swords Storm only, they're not get Spirit Sword, Spirit Aid, Mana Storm, and Passive Sword Accuracy, also somehow they have more Shield Skills than Sword Skills, that's quite off... >Swordsmaster is also only get Sonic Boom and Swords Storm, not have Spirit Sword, Spirit Aid, Mana Storm, and Passive Swords Accuracy too, also I wonder why Swordsmaster have "Berskerker" buff? that's supposedly it's Gladiator/ Destroyer buff, well maybe change it with new Buff "Swords Arts?" that's have same effect, duration with Berserker too, but cooldown 3sec instead? (increase phy atk speed and move speed, increase accuracy not evasion, but decrease phy def and magic def too). >Magnus not have "Mana Storm"? they supposedly have it Level 8... >Blade Taker not have "Stealth"? they supposedly have it level 10. >Why Sniper have buff "Fast Reload"? it's for Bow only, right? it is work too for Musket? >TM not have Fire Arrow? Rune Walker have it, so supposedly TM have it too. >Cardinal not have buff Intensive Mana? they supposedly have it Level 4, perhaps? >Grand Master not have Blood Stream? that skill is very important for them. phew, at least that's what is on my mind for right now, I am really glad to share it here and I feels so relieve now. hehehehe have a nice day everyone, good luck and enjoy playing Celestia Luna Online... 'w' /
  5. Just a little suggestion from me, Bachelor Hats has Hair Colors Pink for Male and Blue for Female... can you please change them so Male get the Blue Hair and Female get the Pink Hair instead? Pink is more suit on Female character, isn't it? xD
  6. hmm yeah I already looked upon this weird Bug we will get Game Crash each time we "Leveling Up" (not just killing the Harpy Queen only) also this is happening on the certain map and on the certain Time too (we can't guess when and where it will happened) and yes, I am sure this is Bug, because so much players also get this Game Crash too (I saw much players Shouts on Megaphone about they are Crash if they get Level Up) sorry I didn't take the screenshot for the proof
  7. it's there someday there is some change on Bachelor DEX that make it have equal DEX with Frankenstein? so Bachelor DEX become popular like the Bachelor Phy Attack and Bachelor Magic Attack or maybe someday there is new Update New Hat/ New Hair Costume with good DEX too like Frankenstein? :)
  8. which one have a better DEX, Frankenstein or Bachelor DEX? xD Frankenstein DEX+15 Bachelor DEX+2%
  9. Antoni77

    Sniper Guide

    the most easy path for newbe to become Sniper, it's from Rogue> Ruffian> Scout> Treasure Hunter> Sniper this path is easy to follow, and you will get Hunter Blast and Hunter Smoke too for addition of AoE skills because Sniper only have 1 AoE skill from Scout you will get Heal Skills "Nature Aid" and buff Evasion "Side Step" too using Dagger from beginning and after you reach to Sniper, you can change to Musket :) this is my video about Sniper Guide, please turn On the "CC" to see the Guide Text on the video... xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jJISnOL8iE
  10. harus ingat Email-nya, jika tidak ingat Email-nya, tidak bisa di recovery ID-nya :(
  11. anti-virusnya sudah dmatikan...? hmm kamu pakai Windows apa? xD
  12. the difference will be on your Character Status. Human have higher STR and VIT than the ELF for their Basic Status while ELF has higher DEX, INT, WIS than the Human for their Basic Status as for Skills, Human have Blood Rage to increase Damages and ELF have Nature Shield and Nature Mind to increase Defend. :)
  13. Antoni77

    Rage Burst

    as long as it's Two Handed Weapon, Rage Burst will affected :)
  14. additions: Fighter: -Attract and Attract Circle -Divine Justice -Protection Aura (Barrier to team member nearby) -Mana Vampirism Rogue: -Induce Mage: -almost all skills, much skills from Monk, Inquirer, and SA are Staff only (Holy Swing, Spike, Uppercut, and Justice, yeah Mana Burn and Soul Spear too)
  15. the most old guide job path for Arc-Ranger ELF Rogue> Voyager> Archer> Rune Walker> Arc-Ranger it's simple Job path, and easy to follow it... :)
  16. level 40 di red orc outpost, lawan gargoyle lvl44 disini sampai kamu level 45 level 45 pergi ke The Way of Howling Ravine, lawan basilisk disini sampai level 50, sukur-sukur dapet Holyove level 50 bikin sayap angel, ke Howling Ravine lawan Harpy lvl53 dapetin Angel Feather 3 aja cukup terus di craft dan lihat bahan-bahan craftnya, bahan-bahannya ada di Alker NPC Shop terus lanjut ke Mont Blanc lawan skeleteon, zombie, skeleton lvl55 dan lvl57 sampai lvl60 level 60 ke Dried Gazzel Fall lawan Red Mimic sampai level 65, terus lawan Gargoyle sampai lvl70 level 70 bikin Kartu keluarga di Celerian, terus DD sampai level 75 berubah Job, lanjut DD terus aja sampai level 83 atau level70 ke Howling Cave nyari BloodStained sets, kalo laku dijual lumayan... sampai lvl83 level 83 ke Valley of Fairy, lawan pegasus sukur-sukur dapat pegasus feather sampai lvl90 level 90 ke Lairs of Kiera, lawan Abyss Knight nyari Elephant Shield sampai lvl95 level 95 ini nih yang ribet, ke Nera Harbor... xD
  17. Antoni77

    TM new skill

    I remember I am already make the Descriptions about TM's Skills... :) https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/31065-skill-temper-master-finally-revealed/
  18. itu Dual Wield Dagger, kalo Human nanti di level 105 pilih job BT, kalo Elf pilih job TM... cuman 2 job ini yang yang bisa Dual Wield Dagger :)
  19. Corpse Explosion somehow have a Chance/Rate to Success... but I am not sure about this... the only one I know is, we can not using both of Corpse Skills Together at same target they will overwrite each other. example: we using Corpse Explosion to the target, and then we using Corpse Taker on the same target, the Corpse Explosion effect will begone and is overwrite with the Corpse Taker's effect... and so the otherwise (just want to help) 'w' /
  20. 1.) because sometime Rapid Arrow are not hitting the opponents properly... 2.) because Pounding Shot has long cast time to use it, illusion attack are more efficient :)
  21. there is old post discussing about the DEX status also increase Critical Damages I forgot who post that long time ago, but I remember it's same person who make Posting about Rage Burst only Works for Swords (well it's thread from around 2011-2012)... xD but now is 2020... so yes, we need a solid proof about DEX is really increase Critical Damages or not... xD (someone, please check about this)
  22. yes that's correct, they "did" explode when opponents coming nearby... but the animation is too fast... feels like that explosion animations are canceled or something like that... xD and well yeah, as I remember from the Old Luna Online, Traps Skills has High Damages too... hahahaha
  23. Addition again: -(Job Destroyer) Buff Fatal Force, it is this buff increase Critical Rate or Critical Damages? because when I used this buff, I think my Critical Damages are not Increased...
  24. I am bit disagree with the number 2, the reason why we get 10 times per day is because not all players has good connection also they might be get Crash and disconnected due so much activities of the monsters... xD so even though we get double the exp, but missing 1 or missing 2 DD per 5 is just too bad... but I am agree if you want to make DD become more simple so here some ideas from to addition... may I ? 1.) add DD with per 10 levels only, but double the exp... per 20 levels is bit hard for some newbe why? because some of newbe always asking about DD on early levels... for example they are still level 61 but asking for DD 61-80 they survive on around monster level 61 to 70, but when the Troll Mages appear they are death... so if we make the DD per 10 levels only, is not just simple, but it can be also done quickly than the per 20 levels but how about the boss? yes, of course there is new bosses too for that DD with per 10 levels...or they don't need it? well this is just my suggestions... xD
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