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  1. thanks for nice Respond, I love you all...
  2. nah coba kamu ga pake Accuracy Aura lagi (no buff sama sekali) terus kamu kasih Buff Zephyr, tetap nambah/ga itu Block Rate-nya?
  3. Hello everyone, actually this minor bug it's already exist since I am First Playing on Celestia Luna on 2011... so maybe this Bug already Exist since long time ago But I am just too lazy to report it because it's so Minor, and since is so Minor, it's make me forgot about this Bug... If we using Skill that has "Shadow Effect on Animation/Motion", your Back Item's Animation (Wings/ Cape) will Stop/Freezing from Flapping (if it's wing) / Waving (if it's Cape) and somehow this Bug Skills Animation Motion are... somehow... freezing your Character Face Animations too, it will not doing Blinking-Eye, can't "haha", "Duhh", "huh", etc the example of this Skill with "Shadow Effect on Animation": 1.) "Holy Strike Spear" from Fighter Magical Class, "illusion Attack" from Rune Walker/ TM (they have same animation/motion) 2.) "Fatal Force" and All "Whispering" Buffs (they have same animation/motion) you can help this Thread by testing all Active skills as much as you can that you found it's make your Back Item's Stopped/ Freezing, and write it on this Thread thanks for the helping Celestia Luna to become more Good Luna Online game...
  4. "Buff Accuracy Aura+Dex", nah DEX-nya itu maksudmu dari Buff Zephyr atau dari Status Gain/ Effect dari Equip?
  5. so lovely video... I am really enjoyed it... xD
  6. hmm, I am just doing fine on Moonblind Swamp now, hunting and leveling, and didn't get crash... xD
  7. After I am reading the Post on Bug Section about "Auto-Equipping When Click Drag..." I want to give Suggestion about "Lock Equipment" so on the Inventory Menu (I Button), on the Equipment Side will be placed a new Feature "Lock Equip" with "Checklist Box" that we can Check it or Not Check it to turn it On or Off... so by doing this, if the Lock Equip is On, we cannot change All Items that we Currently Equip no matter what... xD I hope this will help us from not Deleting Item by accident again... is this good idea? hahahahaha
  8. and yes, I don't consider that as a Bug... because it's actually the Feature of Luna Online Luna Online is just Old Game with the Old Game play System because yes, actually you can placing Equipment to Shortcut Button too... it was pretty handy on Guild War, because long time ago Some Equipment has "Skills" on it but they are don't have it anymore... xD it's also pretty handy if you have playstyle with 2 different Weapons for example: Yes there is Panzer playing with Musket and Two Handed Swords too as their PlayStyle or Sniper playing with Musket and Bow as their PlayStyle A little Tips from me: if you want to Click+Drag the Trash Equipment on our Inventory, don't Press any of Buttons from 1 to 0 (Shortcut Button)... xD If you want to Sorting your Inventory, go to safe place first, or when you already kill all the monsters there is the Time that they need to Respawn, and that's a chance to Sorting the Inventory before we continue Hunting
  9. wait a sec, Bloody Scimitar is One Handed Sword, not a Mace... xD
  10. hmm are you also doing a Quest on the Moonblind Swamp too? (maybe?)
  11. (oh thanks, for reminded me) yes that will also work too on Mozzilla Firefox ver.52 or lower, but must Mozilla Firefox because Silverlight only working on Old Browsing Program...
  12. oh I see, I see... you means is Unfair if only Rogue Class that is good for Solo-Hunting on High Levels, because they have Venom Dagger and Bow Emerald Glider, and they have Evasions to Survive from opponents attacks, while on the other situations, Fighters and Mages need PD Items and Edited Equipment so they can Solo-Hunting against group of monsters on Higher Levels? hahahahaha (I am agree with you). well I am also wondering why there is no Axe Two Handed Rare, Sword Two Handed Rare, Sword One-Handed Rare on Level 125 higher? that's kinda unfair if only Dagger and Bow, also Staff One Handed that has Rare on High Levels... Lets suggest New Rare Equipment for High Levels (Level 125 Higher) such Axe Two Handed, and Swords too but about Evasions, I remember Admin Orange already discuss about this too on Forum, Orange want to Nerf Rogue a bit for their Evasions, because is not Balanced, I remember that I am suggested for Evasions too, some of the suggestions is: "if we fighting 5 monsters, the evasion will still work, but if we fighting 6 or more monsters the evasions will not work and they can hit us." or something like that if I am remember it correctly.
  13. the problem is Party has penalty that will divide EXP, Gold, and Item Drop Rates (depending the party members, more party members, the less EXP and Golds we gain) that's why people on this game don't want to Party with other players (except for DD). Luna Online is just Old MMORPG with that Old System for Party/Groups EXP Rate and Gold Rate gains comparing with some of New MMORPG they have Bonus for Party EXP Rate, the more member on the Party, the more EXP Bonus Rate they will gains they are easily getting to Max Level, and later they are getting bored of that game and quit from playing it... I hope we will get some New Quests in near future, so we have reason again to playing with Party... the more Party members, more easy to complete the Quests getting Reward EXP, Golds, and sometime Items too from the NPC... xD
  14. you will need PC that is still running with OS "Windows XP" for running Skill Calculator because it's Luna Online Skill Calculator need Silverlight to running it... (and yes I have PC with Windows XP) hahahaha xD
  15. Yes... Finnally!!! New Updates!!! (//OAO)// YEAH...!!!
  16. Hello admins, it's February 3rd 2022 now, why the Alker is still Jingle Bells...? why no Lunar New-Year Event ?
  17. 5 Levels gaps is the best for getting Item drop from Bosses... example: Boss Succubus is Level 63, you can Fight it Solo from Level 65 to Level 68
  18. When I am going to Ghost Tree Swamp, I found a lot of monsters with Level 80 and 82, but no Monster Level 81 ??? maybe we can replace Ghoul Level 82 with Old Monster: Dark Gnoll Level 81, because Dark Gnoll have Drops Light Armor Body and Boots Level 80 or... can someone please tell me what monsters on Ghost Tree Swamp now that has Drops Light Armor Body and Boots Level 80 ?
  19. ELF Female Paladin Skill: Rage Sword (not sure why the name is Rage Sword but is One-Handed Skill and not Sword Skill, maybe it can rename it to Rage Swing?) xD the voice is ELF Male
  20. what people said about "fighting opponent" is not always about PVP, because opponents can be means Monsters too and yes, as far as I know, you don't need Evasion as Fighter, Fighter relying on their Physical Defends, they are fighting on the first line in other hand, Rogue need Evasion to survive, because they have lower HP than Fighter, also their main Status is DEX, their Buff Zephyr is DEX and they have Passive to increase Evasion, while Fighter doesn't have the Passive that can increasing Evasions... so yes, Fighter don't need Evasion
  21. hmm... it's kinda hard to explain what is good Status for Fighter Class you can go full DEX on your Character Status ("C" Button), to get good Accuracy and Critical Rates but if you did this, make sure your Equipment is also have good STR, some Accuracy and Critical Rates, also few VIT (^this is good if your Character is Human Fighter, because Human Fighter has Basic DEX 50, that's too small) but if your Character is ELF that has no high Level Fighter Heart (Buff STR) but you want to do Hitter or Semi-Hitter/Tanker you can go Full STR instead on your character Status ("C" Button), because ELF Basic STR is only 65 (compared to Human is 80) and without High Level Fighter Heart you will only get small amount STR... xD except your ELF Fighter is going to Swordsmaster too, you can increase STR to 80, the rest point going to DEX instead because Swordsmaster has Buff Fighter Heart Level 6 and Warrior Form Level 6 too that's good amount for increase your Physical Attack. but in the end is all depends on opponent you fighting? if your opponent is a normal opponent, Full DEX is always better to fighting them, because yeah... I more prefer Criticals but if your opponent is full VIT type, that's has high HP, I prefer full STR to fighting them, because is useless if we have good Critical but small damages... xD (sorry I can't explain it well on English, I hope someone can explain better than me) / . \
  22. main game online yang lain bisa ga? atau juga ga bisa?
  23. When I am playing Blade Taker, I have seen my Predator is full Colored... but I can't used it, until I realize it and move my mouse to Predator, it's still on Cooldown 30 Seconds... xD So I hope we can get Features for Shortcut Button has Numbers on it (1-0), like a small numbers on their Left-Upperside per each buttons. and also Cooldown Numbers for using Skills and Items too, like "Minutes,Seconds", and then if it's 0 Seconds it's become "0.9" to "0.1"
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