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  1. itu disebut VOTE, skarang sudah tidak ada lagi xD
  2. serpents is magical attacks, so evasions characters will get difficult against them... xD
  3. I am already clear that Quest War Trophies, but still I can't accept that Quest from LouisLua... T.T my Quest Notes are not full too, all of them already clear so my Quest Note is 1/20... xD
  4. it's this bug or not? I can't accept the Quest, there is no "Next" button or button to "Accept the Quest"? is there a "way" or maybe the quest need some "condition" to Accept it? what should I do?... what I need to do to accept the quest?... please help... xD Quest: "Investigation of Composite Water"
  5. pilih klik yang Indomaret aja
  6. Hello Orange and all Admin Staff a couple days ago, I've found there is thread that we can report Bug of some Quest, so I want to help too I make new character and trying to take Quests, and I realize it's almost impossible to check all of them. why? because it's seems some Quests has their own Level Limitation, which means if our character level is too higher the Quest that we not taking it yet from NPC will disappear because our level are already too high for example: I am lvl20 and I can see there is Quest on Zakandia but I don't take them yet because my Quests Notes is full 20 / 20, and when my is lvl30 the Quests are disappear (no longer available on that NPC). so I think we need solution, we want to help you to found some bugs of the Quests, but we cannot help our self for being too high levels Solutions: 1.) Make Options that can Turn On/Off the EXP Rate and Drop Rate, so we can take the Quest since the beginning of game without afraid of Level too high or Bag is full that can't accept the gift 2.) Deletes those Kobold Costumes and Lizardman Costumes (from Kobold, Brown Kobold, Lizardman, Striped Lizardman, Cursed Lizardman) make these Costumes only drops from their Bosses instead and only drop 1 part randomly of them instead of get complete 4/4 because yeah, I think is kinda annoying that my inventory is full because of Costumes 4/4 3.) Make the Item Quests more easy to drop like 100% drop from that monsters on the Quests. 4.) Add again Map Zakandia Mining Cave 1f and 2f, also Map Howling Cave 1f and 2f on Map Transfer Scroll so we can easily clear the Quests and see there is bug or not... I think that's all from me, if you all has some thought too to help us for finding bug of the Quests please share your thought too
  7. セレスティアルナへようこそ , アリスさん
  8. di section Media, ada Video-video youtube aku, itu ada guide tentang Cardinal, dan ada juga yang guide tentang BT
  9. you can check Swordsmaster Video Guide on here
  10. video-video baru saya, teman-teman semua... selamat menyaksikan... 'w' / Swordsmaster Grandmaster and Paladin
  11. Holy Touch is Healing Skills, it can be used to yourself or to other player as target... :') higher Level Holy Touch has higher Healing than the Level 10 Heal from Phalanx... xD
  12. Happy New Year 2021, everyone... \ ^o^ / Here is the Video about me playing Grandmaster and Paladin, both of them are Pure Straight Path too... Feel free to asking any Question about my Grandmaster and Paladin... xD Enjoy the Gameplay and wish you all Luck on this New Year
  13. Thank you very much... 'w' / If you want to playing together with me, you can contact me on my Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/antonius.m.agus/
  14. playing Crusader on Celestia Luna maybe make you disappointed a little bit, because the playtstyle has been changed too much compared with the usual Job Classes... xD but if you still want to playing Crusader for Fun only, why not? Crusader on Celestia Luna has a lots of Supports Skills too that can help your party Members, that's very nice... 'w' b
  15. Merry Christmas 2020 everyone, Happy Holiday :) On this Video I am playing Swordsmaster Human, feel free to asking the questions about this Swordsmaster (I am now in the project to editing my Video about Paladin with Grandmaster, wish me luck) xD
  16. you can make Paladin with Pure Straight Path => Guard> Infantryman> Phalanx> Paladin by choosing that path, you will get Passive Bonus Path Level 4 Physical Defend (15% Physical Defend) this path is pretty easy for newbe because what you only need to do is tanking the monsters, and your friend will kill them... :)
  17. Gedein Sonic Boom, Burning Crash, Fearful Blow, Swords Storm, Divine Justice, Buff: Fighter Heart, Warrior Form, Bless Guard, Weapon Synchro, Armor Synchro, Solid Weapon Passive: Heavy Armor Expertise Max, Two-Handed Training Max, Swords Training Level 20, Swords Rapidity Level 20, Two-Handed Accuracy Max, Sword Accuracy Max, Risk Taker Max, Rage Burst Max
  18. halo, game celestia luna masih ramai kok, hehehehe tapi skarang harga-harganya udah pada naik parah kalo mau rame ke discord aja ya...
  19. @guntherin : you are new to celestia luna? there is 3 passive skills on this server that's always give you the effect even you are not on that condition for example here: Risk Taker is always give you additional Physical Attack even you are not on Low HP that's why Admin Orange say "the skill is always active, that's the bug"...
  20. yes I am agree about that idea too <3
  21. Happy 10th Anniversary Celestia Luna New Video from my Youtube Channel... enjoy... 'w' / if you found this Video get Blocked and cannot be played, please let me know by message me, or contact me on my facebook Antonius Michael Agus
  22. thank you so much for responding, I'm now feel really relieve for our Admins reading my post and fast respond <3 hahahaha yeah, I just want to sharing what is on my mind only
  23. Hello everyone, it is me Antonius, also known as Antoni77 on this post I want to share what is on my mind about Luna Online and I hope it can help this game improvement in near future (if this post can be considered as Suggestion? please move it, because actually this post is only about sharing what is on our mind) feel free to discuss, asking question and also you can share what is on your mind about Luna Online too... so yeah here we go... 1.) No VITALITY buff? we all know that Fighter Heart is for STR, Zephyr is for DEX, Bless Intelligent for INT, and Bless Wisdom is for WIS but how about VIT? we not have to increase VIT on Luna Online? "Antoni we have Bless Vital on Monk / Inquirer / Soul Arbiter?" well, bless Vital is only increase Max HP so is not increase our VIT, same like Mana Storm to increase Max MP maybe we place this buff on Job Guard/ Infantryman/ Phalanx/ Paladin/ Crusader only? just say the name is "Fighter Vitality"? Increase VIT by 10? hehehehe Guard level 2 Fighter Vitality (increase VIT+20), Infantryman Level 4, Phalanx Level 6, Crusader Level 6, Paladin Level 8 well something like that... 2.) change the Mage Class Job's name? we know about mage has Grand Master, Elemental Master, and Rune Master but I think their name are off and it's feels like their name are switched each other... so supposedly we change their name Job, so it will not make the Newcomer not mistaken of their name. >Grand Master (Level 105, the next job of Warlock) change it with "Elemental Master" instead, because this Job are the Master of Elemental Magics. >Elemental Master (Level 75, Mage ELF only) change it with "Rune Mentor?", we know that all Level 75 ELF only Job has "Rune" on their name (Rune Knight, Rune Walker) and Mentor is same means as Master too. >Rune Master (Level 105, Mage ELF only the next job of Elemental Master), change it with "Grand Sage?", because if we acronym Grand Master it's become "GM", (oh wait I am not the GM hehehehe), and also "Sage" is also same means as Great-Master too. 3.) some skills are missing on the Next Job that's supposedly they have it too? info: https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33777-job-skills-guide/ >Knight is the next Job of Swordsman, but by default Knight only get skills Sonic Boom and Swords Storm only, they're not get Spirit Sword, Spirit Aid, Mana Storm, and Passive Sword Accuracy, also somehow they have more Shield Skills than Sword Skills, that's quite off... >Swordsmaster is also only get Sonic Boom and Swords Storm, not have Spirit Sword, Spirit Aid, Mana Storm, and Passive Swords Accuracy too, also I wonder why Swordsmaster have "Berskerker" buff? that's supposedly it's Gladiator/ Destroyer buff, well maybe change it with new Buff "Swords Arts?" that's have same effect, duration with Berserker too, but cooldown 3sec instead? (increase phy atk speed and move speed, increase accuracy not evasion, but decrease phy def and magic def too). >Magnus not have "Mana Storm"? they supposedly have it Level 8... >Blade Taker not have "Stealth"? they supposedly have it level 10. >Why Sniper have buff "Fast Reload"? it's for Bow only, right? it is work too for Musket? >TM not have Fire Arrow? Rune Walker have it, so supposedly TM have it too. >Cardinal not have buff Intensive Mana? they supposedly have it Level 4, perhaps? >Grand Master not have Blood Stream? that skill is very important for them. phew, at least that's what is on my mind for right now, I am really glad to share it here and I feels so relieve now. hehehehe have a nice day everyone, good luck and enjoy playing Celestia Luna Online... 'w' /
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